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Posted by Damian Couzoff | Jul 04, 2011 @ 07:59 AM | 9,268 Views
I acquired a southern sailplanes Kestrel 17 kit,nearly 2 months ago,and are still building it.This glider is the biggest span model l have,the closest to it is my S2G-ASW 27,with a 4.20 metre span.The Kestrel 17 is one glider that has eluded me for years,l first saw one fly in 1980,and have always wanted to own one,luckily now l do.Once l complete it,l will post a pic.I completed the kestrel 17 on the 25th of sept/2011,here it is-after many many hours work.UPDATED-MARCH 2013.I finally got around to maidening the kestrel 17 off the slope.The wind was strong and l was nervous,as l had spent approx 60 hours to build this model.It launched well,and climbed upwards quickly.It took a while getting used to the feel of this model,at one stage,both outer wing panels bent downwards,out of a turn,and this is due to the washout built into the wings-it doesnt need any.This luckily only happened once,and it recovered,afterwards,after losing height as well.Anyway,the landing was due,and after applying full spoilers,the nose ptched downwards about 60 degrees,so l quickly retracted them,and applied alot of up elevator,to bring it in level.It was not particularly easy to land,and next time l will apply the spoilers for a very short time,to keep the speed up,with less pitching down.