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Posted by Damian Couzoff | Apr 26, 2011 @ 06:35 AM | 7,733 Views
I purchased a 3 meter ARF Bird of time,it only needs 250mm electric spoilers to be installed, to complete.I will use a heavy duty high start-flat field thermal,l have fitted the towhook.I will also slope it,good for those light wind days,where other models will not stay up.I am fitting spoilers which are a necessity for this model,its a big floater-over 1000 sq inches wing area,and only weighing 1800 grams-flying weight.I will post a pic, once l complete fitting the spoilers.It has an all moving stab,a HS 82 MG is in the fin to operate the stab,the rudder is controlled by a HS 422 standard servo in the cockpit.It has no ailerons or flaps,only three channel.