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Posted by Damian Couzoff | Jan 13, 2018 @ 02:55 AM | 5,883 Views
Recently completed the rebuild of my Multiplex DG 300 elan (3.75 metre span)
I fitted a new canopy purchased from royal model in cz.
plus a scratch built canopy tray,plus instrument benzel & joystick & pilot.
A fema retract with 82mm wheel was also fitted,
plus a topmodel heavy duty tow release in the nose for aerotowing.
Posted by Damian Couzoff | Nov 03, 2015 @ 12:27 AM | 9,133 Views
Successful maiden at the recent Cobram scale 4 day aerotow event-November 2015,and the latest shot taken of my discus 2c landing at the jerelderie JR 2016 scale aerotow event over easter 2016.
Posted by Damian Couzoff | Mar 06, 2015 @ 07:22 AM | 12,517 Views
I have purchased 2 of these and are installing them in my graupner tangent ASH 26 and my s2g ASW 27,for aerotowing.
Tow releases and tow release servos are already installed in both models.
Weight is only 276 grams for the electric retract unit.
Wheel diameter is 3.5 inches-approx 90mm
I will not need a retract servo,and 4-40 linkage and 4-40 ball links either.
Obviously i am installing a separate 6 volt Nimh battery to run the retract,with extra switch and modified y lead-removing the positive,retaining negative and signal.
Posted by Damian Couzoff | Jan 18, 2015 @ 04:39 AM | 11,965 Views
The big box arrived from staufienbel in germany.
I will be fiiting a tow release and retract plus making a seat pan identical to my S2G asw 27,as it is a perfect fit for this model.
This model is finished ready for its maiden.
Retract,and tow release,pilot,etc are all done.
Flying weight is 6kg.
I will post some pics when i get time
Posted by Damian Couzoff | Aug 24, 2014 @ 06:39 AM | 11,612 Views
Just completed the cirrus.
I will post pics soon.
Posted by Damian Couzoff | Aug 24, 2014 @ 06:34 AM | 10,482 Views
I am currently building a multiplex LS-7-3.3 metre.
I have finished the LS-7 and are hoping to maiden it soon.
I maidened the LS-7 yesterday,off the slope,and its really good.
This glider i bought on ebay,it was crashed by the previous owner.
All the hard work restoring it,has paid off.
UPDATED -18TH JAN 2015(More flights with the LS-7)
Heres the LS-7 at the slope this morning.
I had two long 45 minute flights off the slope,very happy with it.
Posted by Damian Couzoff | Jun 13, 2014 @ 06:12 AM | 12,348 Views
The alpina arrived today.Wings are light and strong,the quality is excellent.The fuselage is also excellent quality.The carbon joiner is a good to.I will be installing a scorpion 3026/710kv motor l purchased especially for this model,running 5s/2250mah/ 65-130c lipo.Power will be 150 watts/pound using a 11x7 folder,around 930 watts total power on tap.Due to time constraints,i wont be compiling a build log,but will report back on this page,when l can.
Nearing completion,only have to mount the esc and mount the lipo battery tray,.
Hoping to maiden it in one to two weeks from now,weather permitting
I maidened the alpina today.
Very impressive climb and flight characteristics.The second flight was 25 minutes long,l latched onto a thermal.
It has a wide speed range,it can be flown slow and fast.It excels downwind,where it gains speed yet does not lose height.
Running 5s is perfect,with the scorpion as well,it is high in no time.
Overall,very happy with it,and l am glad l bought it.
Posted by Damian Couzoff | May 17, 2014 @ 12:55 AM | 20,204 Views
Nearly completed this model.I will be running it on 4s/2200 mah with a 13x8 inch folder,identical to my multiplex fiesta sf electric glider.
I will post some pics and report on its flight after its maiden flight.
The sirius is like a smaller version of the reichard nimbus that l own,but has a flat bottom airfoil instead,not an RG 15 mod,like the nimbus.

I finished the sirius today.
Flying weight is under my estimated flying weight,so l am happy about that
Flying weight is only 2178 grams
Wing loading is 34 g/dm sq or 11.3 oz/sq foot.

I will maiden it this weekend,and take some photos of it.
I could only take some pics at the field today..
It was way to windy to fly-20 mph gusty winds,so l aborted the maiden.


I maidened the sirius today at the club field,in 5mph breeze.
This glider is a thermal soarer for sure,and shows no bad habits.
I would recommend this glider,its easy to fly,lightweight and best of all, it thermals.
The first flight was 45 minutes with no thermal activity,the second flight was 45 minutes also with no thermal activity.
When there is thermal activity,one hour plus flights will be possible for sure.
Very happy with it,its the first day of winter tommorow,so l will be looking forward to the warmer months,spring, summer and autumn for more thermal flying...
Posted by Damian Couzoff | Mar 30, 2014 @ 02:45 AM | 13,807 Views
I maidened the Multiplex fiesta sf glider today,it flies great,like its brother the Multiplex LS-3.After 40 hours of work to complete it from kit form(ARC),it has been well worth the effort.I have changed the prop to a 12x6.5,up from the 11x6 which l used for its maiden.This will give me 135 watts/pound,on 4S lipo,alot more thrust,better climb rate.Lipo,esc and motor were barely warm (cold),so stepping up to the 12x6.5 folder wil stilll be safe for the drive components.
Posted by Damian Couzoff | Feb 10, 2014 @ 05:58 AM | 15,077 Views
The discus 2a arrived today.It looks every bit like the pictures do.Wings and fuse are strong,glass and carbon under the obechi veneer.and there is no damage from transport.Very happy with it,and cant wait to start fitting out the servos,etc.This model is the deluxe,without the retract gear,which was what l wanted anyway.It saved me alot of money,and l have a retract to install in it anyway.There is the door markings on the bottom of the fueslage,to facilitate an easy installation.The tow release is already installed.Anyway,very happy with it.
Posted by Damian Couzoff | Nov 26, 2013 @ 04:29 AM | 14,158 Views
Arriving soon.Finally arrived late last week.The wings are the strongest set of wings l have seen,even stronger than reichard model wings.I have began work on the model,and due to more time constraints will try to complete it over the next 3 months.UPDATED-4TH JAN 2014.This build has progressed to the final stages of completion,because of working long hours into the evenings.It hasnt been an easy build,each job has been challenging,so far all okay.
POSITIVES-Good strong and scale fibreglass cockpit and good fitting canopy
Beautifully finished wings,tough as nails,carbon master edition,obecchi veneer.
Hardened steel 12mm diameter wing joiner.
Decals and other hardware supplied is of excellent quality.
NEGATIVES-Tailplane bolt holes are drilled in the incorrect location.I will have to fill them,and redrill the correct location of the holes.
Floating joiner.I have fibreglassed the steel tube in the fuse and replaced the incidence pins with 4mm rather than 3mm that were supplied.Happy with the result,and no longer is it a floating joiner.
Multiplex wing locks were misaligned from the factory,so l had to drill them out,and have 5mm wing nuts/bolts to hold the wings on instead.Both the joiner mod and the wing nuts/incidence pins took a considerable amount of hard work and time to complete,
Only 6mm down for aileron deflection from the factory,the instructions recommend 12mm,so someone stuffed up there to.
OVERALL OPINION-The positives do outweigh the negatives,the negatives did...Continue Reading
Posted by Damian Couzoff | Jun 25, 2013 @ 07:30 AM | 13,437 Views
flyfly hobby-condor (3.0 metre)-Slope only
flyfly hobby-dg808s (4.0 metre) Slope only
flyfly hobby-Electric Nimbus 4 (4.3 metre) Slope only with electric motor

reichard model-grob g103c acro ELECTRIC (3.6 metre) Slope/Aerotow
reichard model-nimbus ELECTRIC (3.6 metre) Slope/flat field thermal
reichard model-dg300 elan acro (4.0 metre) Slope/Aerotow
reichard model-sirius (3.0 metre) ELECTRIC,Slope/flat field thermal

multiplkex-dg600 (3.5 metre)-Slope only
multiplex-dg300 (3.75 metre)-Slope & aerotow
multiplex-ls-3 (3.2 metre)-Slope only
multiplex-fiesta sf (3.2 metre)-ELECTRIC-Slope/flat field thermal
multiplex-ls-7 (3.3 metre)-Slope only

seagull model-ka8b (3.0 metre)-Slope only

phoenix model-k8b (3.5 metre)Slope/Aerotow
phoenix model-ask 21 (3.2 metre)Slope/Aerotow

flying dream-cs discus (2.6 metre)-Slope only

amd-discus (4 metre)-Slope only

dynaflite-bird of time (3.0 metre)-Slope/flat field thermal using 100 foot bungee
Royal Model ASG 29 (4 Metre) Slope/aerotow

S2G-asw 27 (4.20 metre)Slope/Aerotow
S2G-asw 28 (4.20 metre)Slope/Aerotow

Tangent-ash 26 (4.05 metre)Slope/Aerotow
Tangent-alpina 3001 champ electro (3.0 metre)Thermal/slope

Topmodel-Discus 2A deluxe version (3.75 metre) Slope/Aerotow
Topmodel-Discus 2C deluxe version (4.50 metre) Slope/Aeorotow
Posted by Damian Couzoff | Jun 07, 2013 @ 05:26 AM | 14,086 Views
This has not been a wise purchase,l DO NOT recommend this glider.
Posted by Damian Couzoff | Jun 04, 2013 @ 07:32 AM | 24,479 Views
I have decided to buy this glider after researching more and more about it before purchasing it.It will be used as a slope/thermal glider fitted with a 43 mm diameter brushless motor/700kv, and running 5s lipo/3200 mah,12x6.5 folder,100 amp esc continuous-150 amp burst,equivalent to 160 watts/pound power available,using ecalc.It will be better suited to slope flying,more so than thermal,due to a wing loading of 12.5 ounces sq/foot,with a flying weight of 3.0 kg.Wing area is -80 dm sq,Steel wing rod(s) are 10mm diameter and 8 mm diameter,foam core wings,carbon i beam spar,glass then balsa/oracover.Anyway,this glider will be easy to handlaunch for flat field thermal flying, and will handle wind as well.Airfoil is RG-15 MOD.
I took these pictures today at the field of the nimbus and the sirius,both from reichard models.It was the best afternoon l have had to fly the nimbus and sirius.the nimbus flew really well,and very happy with it,and the sirius as well
Posted by Damian Couzoff | Mar 22, 2013 @ 07:05 PM | 13,839 Views
Not purchasing....
Posted by Damian Couzoff | Oct 28, 2012 @ 12:52 AM | 16,166 Views
Heres a pic of one of my boats,that l converted from 26cc gas to electric.UPDATED POSTING-27/12/2012-This boat has been changed several times to increase its performance,temperature issues were the problem,motor/esc and stuffing tube alll were to hot after running.I have installed a TP power 5850-820kv motor running on 11s,240 amp HV Swordfish ESC & added cap bank,watercooled the stuffing tube,and use a 48mm/3 blade prop.Top speed is edging close to 55 mph,which is good enough for sport running,as l dont race any of my boats.Recent testing results-motor shaft stuffing tube is cold after running,the watercooling has worked.This boat is now a reliable setup,and is fast,motor and esc temps are okay,as are lipo temps after running.Happy with the result,after many hours of work....
Posted by Damian Couzoff | May 28, 2012 @ 07:27 AM | 14,570 Views
I am going to install a 570 KV tiger brushless motor,running off 5s or 6s,either can be used by moving lipo,in cockpit box to correct centre of gravity position.85 amp(100 amp peak) v2 bec esc,5 amp/6v bec. l have decided to fit a motor,and try that,and still fly it off the slope as well.It should climb at 60 degrees/100 watts per pound,at approx 5 metres/second.Constant current is 60 amps,max current 90 amp/15 seconds.Max power 1800 watts/15 seconds,max thrust-4.8 kg.The glider weighs 5.450kg-12 lbs.Motor runtime-30 seconds/150 metres altitude,approx 5-6 climbouts using either 5s/3200 mah lipo or 6s/3200 mah lipo.UPDATED-9TH JULY-Both 5s and 6s can be used as there is only 50 grams difference in battery weight,6s delivers 112 watts/[email protected] watts,using 13x6.5 folder,and if l want to use 5s,l have to change the prop to a 13x8 folder,and only get 90 watts a pound,l will stick with 6s instead.UPDATED-2/2/2013-Finally got to maiden the Reichard model GROB G103C today at the slope.I launched it without any power,as there was adequate wind/lift.It flys really well,and the centre of gravity is spot on.I tested the motor at height,and it works well.Overall l am very happy with this glider,and at 5.450kg it still soars well,and it has a wide speed range.Heres a few pics l took before the flight-
Posted by Damian Couzoff | Mar 24, 2012 @ 06:42 AM | 14,203 Views
My asw 27-4.2 metre and my ka8b-3 metre.