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Posted by RacerX208 | Jan 21, 2010 @ 11:51 AM | 6,705 Views
What I would like to do here is cover my FPV project, from “A to Z” of what it takes to build an FPV craft, from the plane and what it needs to the “ground station” and what is needed as well. This blog/review will continue to grow and change as the project evolves, and it is my hope that others who are interested in FPV will be helped by the information here. Having said that, lets go!

FPV Hardware:

The following is a list of hardware used for this project.

-Video “board type” camera from a budget survelence camera unit
-900mhz video transmitter (dpcav.com)
-900mhz transmitter filter
-2db transmitter antenna
-Hitec servo for camera pan feature
-The “Poor Mans OSD” (On Screen Display)

-EZ Star airframe
-APC Prop
-Hobby City brushless motor
-BP hobbies 30A ESC
-Castle 10A BEC
-(2) Corona high torque metal gear servos
-4 channel Hitech HFS-04MG Rx

-Plastic Transmitter case (to hold all the ground station equipment)
-900Mhz reciever (dpcav.com)
-3db antenna
-Generic video signal splitter
-Aiptek 720P DVR camera (for recording the flight)
-Toshiba portable DVD (to serve as an auxilary screen)
-Trimerson Video Goggles