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Posted by stinger0518 | Apr 25, 2010 @ 01:26 AM | 2,306 Views
I got another easy star at my local hobby shop to power i got what i thought was a himax ha2815-2000 puts out about 151 watts i have external ubec so my model will be ok. Something i put in all my planes even if its 2 9g servos just kind of a little cushion i guess.

I estimate it going about 55-60 mph.
My first easy i ran stock for a few months then got fed up with the performance bought a outrunner for it.
When i did my first flight i was very impressed with the flight speed and characteristic of having a "hot" brush less motor i could even fly in my smaller football size field i have in my front yard. I usually fly in a field next to it thats about 5-6 times that size.

I know this setup isnt ideal thats why im switching to a lower kv motor from
headsuprc i have found the owner very nice and always helpful i go to him for most of my electric needs.

With that much power i currently have the easy will do cork screws inverted loops regular loops all day at about 80% power it will climb vertically till it specs out The other day i almost did a hammer head i will do lazy s vertically the only mod i have done was an oversize rudder "business card" and the brush less. Id recommend this cheap mod to everyone because in a little bit of wind and no power or prop wash the rudder is very little help.

My next mod will be a ailoron wing setup from my spare old wings i have laying around and maybe carbon reinforcement for high speed.
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