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Posted by mixerfix | Feb 28, 2014 @ 05:26 PM | 2,267 Views
Simple and Easy Wireless Student-Trainer Setup for Futaba Radios

I never trained another to fly an RC model. This because I never learned in an orderly manner myself and because I never trusted myself to explain well. Thus, I never bothered with getting a student-trainer setup.

One day, however, a friend asked to have a “go” with one of my models - a very nice flying wing. So we did the “bear-hug-dance-around-the-radio” - me holding the radio and him controlling the model while, so to speak, embracing me. With our height differences - it was not comfortable nor entirely safe.

Thus deterred from further exploits of this nature, I decided to get a student-trainer setup.

My then-radio was a Futaba 9CH with a TM8 module. My spare radio was a Futaba 8UA, 72MHz. Aha! All I needed was a DIN to Futaba Micro trainer cable - easy enough. But a trainer CABLE! 2013! Come on! Also, the 8UA was a dead end. After all, it would be replaced or traded away and I would probably get a modern Futaba radio instead, making the 9CH my backup.

I decided to experiment. The Futaba Micro connector (pinout here). So there is PPM out/in on the port. What if….

In perusing various after-market 2.4GHz receivers, I remembered noticing that FrSky had something resembling PPM out. Searched and found - the TFR4-B had the functionality. Not that it helped yet - the 8UA was a 72MHz, but it was modular. And my TM-8 was already in use. Maybe other module/receiver combos from FrSky had that...Continue Reading