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Posted by vicovaludemero | Oct 27, 2010 @ 07:04 PM | 4,384 Views
Its been a while since my last entry, yep, gotta admit I have been a bit lazy. I have been working hard on my progress though and I'm moving along nicely. Its been four and a half months since my first flight and quite honestly I'm surprised at how far I have come; success did not come easy though, or cheap LOL... Once I started to get into the relm of aerobatic flight I started to push myself and had a few fun mishaps along the way.

Well, this was classic... and funny. Labor day weekend, I had a nice crash free streak going and I was all set up for the long weekend, nice weather, clear sky's and no wind... What could be better? So, I wake up that Saturday (I was actually sleeping on the boat at the marina) and step outside to get my blood pumping, no wind so I got my heli and off I went to the lawn. The first mistake was I didn't have my coffee and I was up on the 'pad' less then 15 minutes after getting up... Yep, recipe for disaster.

Here I am on my second pack, all warmed up and have a small crowd gathered behind me watching (our neighbors at the marina love it! don't worry, I made it very clear how dangerous these things are, they respect that and stay back), so I'm flying fast, roller coaster like vertical stall turns going to nose bleed heights of over 150ft and fast smooth exits. Some loops and rolls, really basic stuff but looks cool! Then I transition into practicing some flips, here's where I dumb thumb it. A few flips and I don't know...Continue Reading