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Posted by vicovaludemero | Aug 23, 2010 @ 09:47 PM | 5,441 Views
Finally another update...

The past month has been busy, I crashed hard (see previous entry) and re-built the heli completely. The re-build was fun, did a new wiring scheme, got a new canopy, upgraded some bearings and got a CF tale boom. I also logged an additional 4 hours and started light aerobatics!

I started with shallow stall turns and gradually worked my way up to 90 degrees. I then moved on steep banked turns and then piros, just flat 360's in FFF and then combined the 2, which resulted in 540 stall turns... scary at first but fun!

Next were wing overs, swooping wing overs and split S's and as of last Thursday loops and flips. Scared myself Saturday afternoon when I did a loop but gave it too much negative pitch and basically stopped upside down... Then I recovered in a tale slide... Totally unexpected but I didn't make that mistake again!

With loops came idle-up and a whole new world. I figured the heli would be faster with a 100 92 85 92 100 throttle curve but dam! The first few circuits and figure 8's were scary fast, WOW! With flat 100 and this stock motor and 14t pinion I wouldn't be surprised if this thing did 80mph+... Its gotta be doing at least 65-70 right now, faster then any of my RC cars and I have one clocked at 62mph.

I also got nose-in hover down, no problem!

Here are a few of the re-built heli...

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Posted by vicovaludemero | Aug 01, 2010 @ 05:25 PM | 4,973 Views
Went to my normal flying spot today (the football field @ the high school) and had a pretty spectacular crash... Honestly, It was awesome lol.


Less then ideal... But I have flown in worse.
Mostly cloudy with a 13mph SW wind, gusting to 17mph.

The Crash

I had already used up my first pack doing circuits and figure-eights, the wind was not so bad but I did notice an increase in velocity once I climbed above 80ft. I continued doing alternating circuits and eights (clockwise circuit, 8, counterclockwise circuit etc...) and then It happened.

I had just exited a right banked turn coming out of an eight and started the downwind leg of the clockwise circuit. The wind gusted and I gained speed, I didn't have room to roll out so I added pitch to clear the goal post then proceeded to turn the heli back in to the wind (as I had done a few times during the previous flight).

This is where I really lost it; when I gained altitude to clear the post the gust picked me up and carried me higher then before and right into the stronger wind. I should have initially banked harder to get that nose into the wind but I'm still learning so I wound up drifting, gaining too much altitude and almost losing orientation.

I decided to bring it in and start over, I got it flying into the wind and descending, I thought I was ok but as I was passing over the goal post a gust flipped me inverted. I followed through and flipped the heli back over but lost altitude...Continue Reading