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Posted by vicovaludemero | Jun 21, 2010 @ 05:04 PM | 5,501 Views
Flying RC helis has been a dream of mine since I was 12 years old but I could never afford it because it's such an expensive hobby. Instead of helis I got into RC cars/trucks and loved it, well; now that I'm older and actually have some money to burn I decided that 13 years of dreaming is enough. Oddly enough, just as I was going to go out and buy a micro heli my parents got me one (blade mSR) for my birthday (November of 2009) and since then I have gotten pretty good with the mSR and have modded it in every way imaginable.

I have been living and breathing aviation my entire life and since this is my 'blog' I guess a mini bio seems appropriate. From the start (back in Russia) I spent much of my early years at the NAPO plant in Novosibirsk where my grandmother was an aeronautical engineer for Sukhoi. The bug bit me early and my dream back then was to be a test pilot/fighter pilot, well that dream never really died until the good old boys (USAF/NAVY/ARMY) here in the states denied me because I'm a Russian immigrant, even though I passed all of the tests with flying colors. They would not let me fly or work in any intelligence related field because of political reasons, well thatís just dandy, I think I would have made a great fighter pilot.

I have been flying since I was 14 years old, I initially learned to fly on ultralights (trikes) because my step dad had one but still wanted to fly tri-axis. That summer I got a job and spent all of my money on lessons in...Continue Reading