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Posted by frequentflyer1 | Mar 09, 2012 @ 10:12 PM | 3,756 Views
RcAiir was formed to revive the Old Classic Pattern Planes of the 60's, 70;s & 80's.

We started our quest to bring these back to life in the Summer of 2010.

What we have done is to encourage those of you out there that have an old Classic to loan it to us and we make molds of the fiberglass parts & fuselages so all of us can buy one once again and enjoy the sleek sexy line and ballistic speed of these great airships of the past.

We have also CNC hot wire table to cut cores for the wing and stabs. When you loan us an old kit we draw plans and create the progarm to reproduce the wings and stab from foam on our CNC machine.

We also layout the new plans to include building notes, full size layout of control surfaces, and templates of the parts that need to be cut from plywood for bulkheads etc.

You can contact us at and we will send you the current price list.

The latest news is we are moving from Ca to Co. we're building a much larger shop here which should be completed by Fall 2016.

We are offering new kits coming out in the Spring of 2016.

Many of our Fiberglass Classic Pattern kits will be available in laser cut balsa also.

We are a Sig dealer. Spring Air Dealer, Gator Products dealer to name a few.

We produce many Giant scale kits, Landing gear and all the Fiberglass and plastic parts.

Details to come as soon as we get done moving and unpacking.