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Posted by killbucket | Apr 30, 2011 @ 07:28 PM | 3,778 Views

Finally finished painting my hood. This was done...with spray-cans. It's fully dry, and there is No gloss or clear-coat. You're looking at the bare red paint.
Posted by killbucket | Apr 29, 2011 @ 02:56 PM | 3,466 Views
But they defy photography. Working on just HOW to get them to show up. It's a subtle effect, to be sure, as intended. You have to be right ON the vehicle to see them.
Posted by killbucket | Apr 26, 2011 @ 06:17 PM | 3,558 Views

Disaster struck, and I messed up the last artwork I did On my Chevy Colorado's hood. So here here we go again...

A fresh, solid coat of Flash Red*, then the mask goes on again, but this time, it's a complete free-hand artwork, and can you see the Helizone Firebird Influence in these flames?
*Slightly metallic, it turns out...nice!

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Posted by killbucket | Apr 24, 2011 @ 04:47 AM | 3,716 Views

Vibrant Porsche Red
Wings And Canopy Brilliant
Tattoo Style Flames

Posted by killbucket | Apr 21, 2011 @ 07:29 PM | 3,688 Views

Painted Ghost Flames onto my hood today. Just rubbing them out.