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X8 wing

Posted by Imagecatcher | Jul 04, 2012 @ 07:37 PM | 8,132 Views
AIM: UAV for mapping
  • Turnigy NTM 4238 750w motor
  • Various pitch 13" folding props
  • ESC Trust 70amp
  • 2x Turnigy 6000mah (12000mah)
  • Ardunio APM2 autopilot and all the bits
  • Xbee 900 for telemetry (have the 3DR but apparently only 1km range!)
  • Lawmate 1.2ghz Vtx with bevrc filter
  • Chainlink Dare Long Rang UHF
  • GS-1 gyro servo for autonomous Ortho camera stabilisation (possible hook up to APM2 after tests)
  • Canon Ixus 220HS with CHDK firmware
  • Fly My Dream Auto Antenna tracker
  • DIY BiQuad antenna based on IBCrazy plans
  • OSD fly my dream acting as the audio modem for position tracking, 3DR minimosd for OSD
  • 12v reg
  • 9v reg
  • 6v bec
  • Fpv cam 700TVL Sony CCD Effio-P WDR Color 3D-DNR w OSD
  • 12v 80 relay for killing motor when chute servo opens (switched or accidental) also good when bench testing
  • LC filter on Vtx pwr
  • Di-Noc vinyl covering
  • HK 720 30fps wingcam for later observing flutter and chute operation
  • Full size servos (hitec 303, what I had)
  • numerous homemade plastic vacuum formed parts (available for purchase
  • Fruitychute Iris 60" UAV parachute (typical landing method)
  • Folding 2.5m catapult

  • Flir Tau or Quark Thermal camera
  • Image stabilized retractable camera gimbal

I am the obsessive type, like a dog with a bone. So when I start thinking about these things it is a 24/7 head space resident.
I need a dome made for the Multi rotor and saw how easy it was to vacuum mold stuff (so I thought) so I made my own Vac forming machine. And so it began, I have molded...Continue Reading