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Posted by Imagecatcher | Jun 06, 2012 @ 05:20 AM | 4,877 Views
Firstly, let me say my experience in the RC world is limited. Therefore I am more than happy for you guys to leave comments of a constructive manner. If fact I seek your suggestions.
(I have assumed you have got one one these off me or plan to)
The installation: This will depend on whether you want the plastic to stay clear, painting or covering with something like Di-noc.
Lets start with least favourable option...
1)Double sided tape XXX
2) Glue such as the tube that comes with X8, good stickion factor but what if you wanna take it off? Also if you want the clear look you will see an irregular shaped blob. If you have painted the inside it may peal the paint.
3)Tape it on: sure why not but not very tidy and if you have painted the foam it may pull the paint off.

4) Screwed ( my fave) place on the foam. mark where you think it needs 'pulling in' (about 6 spots) with a whiteboard marker. Remove from foam drill 1/8th holes. Replace on foam and 'dot' the foam. now sink/glue in a female plastic hex standoff. Now screw into that! clean simple removable (for when you total the plane or make mods)

Of course the skid can be trimmed down to a size or shape you desire. This will also reduce weight for those conscious of the grams.
Posted by Imagecatcher | Jun 06, 2012 @ 05:05 AM | 5,629 Views
Well I have started sending out some of the plastic vacuum formed parts for the X8. Namely the belly skid plate, fpv nose insert, air intake vents, internal floor bays and large servo hatches for those mounting the push rods on top and want access from underneath ( I recommend the std large HK servo covers as the holes match up).
So to start with here is one install option for the FPV nose insert.
(NB: excuse the clay molding mess around the foam)

Belly skid -Plain AU$45 (custom on request)
Floor bays AU$12 each
FPV nose AU$8
Rear motor guard and wing locator AU$35
Clear hatch AU$40
Lawmate Vtx cover AU$5
Antenna base shrouds AU$2
Folding prop stopper AU$3
Battery tray (holds 2 6000mah in center bay) AU$8
Servo hatch cover - large to match HK servo cover AU$2
Air intake AU$2
ESC cover for a tidy look on outside of plane AU$6
NEW! SkyWalker plane belly skid AU$20