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Posted by RGS2010 | Nov 12, 2012 @ 12:58 PM | 7,239 Views
New F9F-2 Panther is built and was test flown this last weekend. The top vent mods from the factory worked great, as did the factory installed electric retracts, lights and flaps. I installed all other servos with HK Turnigy Metal Gear 90's, except just used some old 9 gram servos for flaps.

The maiden was uneventful with just a few clicks of up elevator and a couple of clicks of right aileron and she was straight and level with hands off. The take off and landing were with full flaps. The take off took WAY too long to get off of the ground. The landing was slow, predictable and smooth. No ballooning at all with power down this time! The lights were visible but not great EXCEPT for the afterburner...you could really see that red ring brightly on fast passes and take off!

A flying buddy suggested at the field that smaller main gear wheels would bring the nose up for easier take offs. I replaced them with the next size smaller wheels from stock. We'll see how that works but it looks better already.

Re: Futaba 7C Transmitter

I sent the radio back for warranty work regarding the left pull on rudder when throttling up. The radio was in it's way back to me at the time of this writing. The technician at Futaba said that they replaced the Rudder/Throttle "pot" and rebooted software and it was working properly. I sent it for "expedited processing" which cost's about $40 with guaranteed 2-day turnaround. Best money I ever spent.