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Posted by RGS2010 | Oct 03, 2012 @ 04:27 PM | 7,290 Views
The RC Lander Blue Panther nosed in shortly after the video below. It was flying well and about halfway through the battery pack it was going away from me and lost all directional control even though the motor was still running. It was about 20 feet off of the ground and just nosed in and busted to pieces and lost battery. I was using Futaba 7 channel receiver. I blame it on HobbyKing 70 amp opto receiver with HK 5 amp UBEC because this same thing happened once before at about 75 feet in the air and then it "reconnected" and I pulled it out. I had a generic futaba receiver at the time so I put an original Futaba rx in to make sure that it wasn't the problem. I'm going with switched esc's now with at least 5 amps for my bigger foamies.

I just got a new Gray RC Lander and the build is in progress. I got it with electric retracts already built in, flaps already built in, and navigation and afterburner lights built in. It also has air handling mod build in to deter zooming up on landings.

Buddy (thanks Mike!) gave me his E-flite F-86 that was in great shape to make room in his hangar. I will put E-flite Delta-V fan and motor in it. Great...another project.