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Posted by RGS2010 | Jun 18, 2012 @ 11:01 AM | 8,044 Views
The Futaba 7C 2.4ghz radio is working out well. The Futaba 7 channel rx in the F-86 is working flawlessly and I'm getting used to the flap knob for varying degrees of flap instead of switch.

I'm also using two FrSky FASST rx's (7 Channel versions) (Futaba knock-offs) in P-51 and A-10 and this weekend was maiden for both of them and they flew perfectly. I had two of them shipped to my house for the cost of HALF of a Futaba brand rx! I hope they keep working well. If so, my fleet will be Futaba soon, except for Bind-N-Fly stuff from Spektrum (mostly for kids).
Posted by RGS2010 | Jun 04, 2012 @ 11:12 AM | 8,130 Views
Skipped May update...too much going on. So here is the latest...

I have switched my electronic allegiance to Futaba from Spektrum. I lost the P-38 due to an electronic glitch on the maiden flight. That is one total loss and three other plane crashes in the last year due to unexplainable receiver failures. I now have a Futaba 2.4ghz 7C FASST system. I have ordered but not received 2 FASST compatible receivers made by FrSky to begin replacing in my fleet.

I put the original Futaba rx in my new Hobby King (Venom) F-86 70mm Sabre this month. My wife bought it for my birthday last month..woohoo! The maiden was a failure due to nose wheel hitting a patch of gravel and buckling and throwing a rock into the edf and shattering it. Ordered E-flite Delta V15 motor and edf and it rocks! Maiden with it was super and it's a great flying plane. See video below. It flies best with a Zippy 40C 4S-4000 lipo. It has electric retracts, speed brakes, flaps, and full house controls. The radio works great except the variable knob for flaps should be on the left side of the radio.

The FMS Blue Petie got new tail feathers this month and has maidened okay.

The FMS P-47 Jug is still one of my favorite planes to fly!

MaxJet F-117 Nighthawk lost steering servo and not sure how to get in to fix it...may become hand launcher!