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Posted by RGS2010 | Feb 02, 2012 @ 02:58 PM | 8,610 Views
The B-2 Stealth Bomber is still without electric retracts all wired up...think I'll just bungee launch it and see if it flies!

The Shark jet is flying great and now has 4S setup with HK Red Brick 50 opto ESC with HK 5 amp UBEC. The video below is with 3S setup and it ran fine with that but now it takes off in 10 feet vs. 35 feet. It has HobbyPartz 4800kv for 4S.

I have P-38 kit that is still in the box...lots of wiring to tackle.

FMS P-47 Tarheel Hal, FMS P-51 Blue Nose, Maxjet F-117a Nighthawk, Art-Tech Spitfire, Dynam A-10, FMS Flying Shark, and ParkZone T28 all still flying formation.


Hobby King Flying Shark by FMS.mp4 (1 min 32 sec)
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