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Posted by RGS2010 | Aug 29, 2011 @ 11:44 AM | 7,742 Views
I got my Spektrum DX6i back from Horizon with new antenna replaced. I've been flying about 3 weeks with it and no problems at all with any of my planes. I've flown 5 different planes with 5 different receivers with no problem whatsoever.

My P-47 Tarheel Hal has been epoxied and microballooned back together and flies great. I have the flaps dialed in at about 25% and it floats in nicely on landings and is helpful to reduce takeoff torque too.

The T-28D is put back together and flying great with one exception. The motor is "slipping" occasionally when I go from idle to full throttle every once in awhile. Otherwise it is doing all of the aerobatics that I can make it do. It looks a little worse for wear but is flying fine. We have been doing squadron flying with two other flyers with T-28's ... what a hoot!

The F-117a and the A-10 are doing great. Both have nagging nose wheel bends but that is the nature of those small wire nose wheels.

Just ordered Flying Shark from HK for our club's fun fly coming up in October. Can't wait to fly that EDF plane around for the kids. (OK me too!)

B-2 from LX is still maidenless. The gear is just a bear of a problem. Servoless retracts are now installed but need another strut. The Windrider gear are just too big for the small bay and no way to enlarge it much.

More later...
Posted by RGS2010 | Aug 04, 2011 @ 08:25 AM | 8,497 Views
Had a bad rash of luck in July. Crashed three planes in two weeks. The FMS P-51 Mustang nosed and and cracked to pieces. Was on a "go around" after aborted landing about 20 feet off the ground and when turning gentle left, it suddenly spun right and nosed into the ground. Still have no reason for it. The rudder was torn loose on crash??? The plane was not recoverable.

The same day...I flew my P-47 using flaps (new thing for me) and it was in almost identical position as P-51 and crashed EXACTLY the same way. It might have been too slow on the go around and just lost airspeed but there has been rumors of a microwave problem at JSC that interferes with 2.4ghz equipment??? The Jug had a badly cracked fuselage on top and bottom, crooked prop adapter, broken firewall and a little rash on the wing. As of 8/4/11, all is fixed and ready for remaiden.

The next week my T-28 crashed while doing inverted maneuver and the problem ended up being an bad aileron servo. Fuse was cracked, nose wheel torn off, and cracked wing on left side bottom. Remaidened 7/30/11 and it flew well but motor is not quite what it used to be but it was serviceable.

Replaced P-51 with new Banana Hobby Starmax F-18, version 2, with 70 mm EDF and is 4 channel with working rudders. Replaced stock UBEC with Hobby King 5 amp UBEC since so much trouble with stock one. Ready to maiden this weekend.