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Posted by RGS2010 | Jan 31, 2011 @ 10:59 PM | 4,914 Views
Last weekend I crashed the Panther. It was the HK Orange 6 receiver that was the culprit. It browned out twice before crashing. The first time it browned out, it was headed toward the ground and reconnected at about 10 feet. When it recovered I went around one circuit around field preparing to land. The second time it lost connection at about 75 feet in a slight nose down at 25% throttle. I throttled down to try to reconnect but it would not connect. The engine never throttled down or up. It crashed in water filled ditch and was a total loss, except for electronics and engine.

It looks like that previous battery connection crash was probably due to receiver problems. The Orange RX is now in the trash.

Loved the plane but won't order another airframe 'cos just didn't like the snap tendencies.