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Posted by RGS2010 | Nov 08, 2010 @ 11:26 PM | 10,427 Views
Nitroplanes' Dynam A-10 Thunderbolt II Maiden (5 min 36 sec)

Maidened the Warthog yesterday and lived to tell the story. Thanks to Dude_109 for the video.

Stock setup (except horiz. stab. mod)...Turnigy 2200 3S 25C battery(was going to use a 20C battery but one of my flying buddies talked me into 25C for maiden), Spektrum DX6i w/ AR6200 receiver. Battery placement between 2nd and 3rd rib to balance upside down at about 75mm in from leading edge of wing. Per the insert, I had 3mm, at least, of up elevator set.

Winds were light from the south with no gusts. I started with gradually increasing power and then hit the Amps! It took off JUST before the end of the paved runway (that is fairly short at our flying field). With full power from the start, it should be no trouble.

The A-10 pulled out with good (not great) power but perfect for my EDF introduction. After 2 clicks of up elevator, it tracked straight and true. No bad tendencies whatsoever. It cruised fine at about 60% power. Aileron rolls were no problem and a thing of beauty. It does tend to dip the wing on turns so have altitude or add a little power as you go into the turn. The area of concern was the elevator. When I attempted my first loop, it basically did a hammerhead stall. It simply did not have enough authority. On my second attempt, I had almost full speed and then it looped easily.

First attempt was aborted because this thing FLOATS! I thought when I chopped power that the A-10...Continue Reading