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Posted by RGS2010 | Jul 21, 2010 @ 02:39 PM | 4,368 Views
I maidened the Spitfire last Saturday. I was still a little concerned about the lack of movement from the elevator. I had stock 3S, 20C, 1300 lipo with stock 20 amp ESC and stock motor. It took off in a short amount of runway (about 20 feet) and had a bit of left torque that took it off center of the runway. It recovered well and climbed out with good (not great) power. The elevator worked well (especially down travel...upside down flying was very responsive) with the modification. However, the ailerons were not as responsive (middle hole) as I would have liked, so I moved them to max throw on subsequent flight.

The flight characteristics are good. It loops well, aileron rolls well, barrel rolls well, knife edge flight is okay, and the only drawback is that you HAVE to land it with some power. I tip stalled on my maiden landing and scratched the wing tips (I knew I should have put clear tape on wing tips before I flew!) but nothing major. All subsequent landings have been fine. One note...after touching down feed in full up elevator to pin the tail to the runway to avoid nose overs. Don't ask me how I know this .

This model is NOT for beginners but it handles well and is a good 4 channel warbird as a second plane. I cut off my wheel pants because they were catching too much wind during flying and that helped on speed and landings.

Posted by RGS2010 | Jul 06, 2010 @ 08:48 AM | 4,603 Views
P-51 Update:

I have removed 2 of the 4 blades of the propeller to see if it affected takeoff performance. It did! The takeoffs are now smooth and predictable and easily controlled with rudder input. It is a scale-like takeoff now which is a beauty to behold. I have ordered the dedicated 2-blade prop setup and will report on its performance when installed.

I also had to replace a stripped tail wheel servo with HXT-900 servo from Hobby King. It's a drop in replacement EXCEPT it's not reversed as the original one was. Had to go to LHS for dedicated servo reverser...$8.

One of my ailerons was cracked halfway down the hinge line after only 3 flights. I put aileron tape on each end of each aileron to secure. I also put aileron tape on the elevator for piece of mind even though no sign of cracking.

I added Scotch brand extra strength, clear packing tape to the entire under side of the wing. It did help with structural integrity in flight.

I hear that FMS is coming out with large Corsair soon...can't wait for that!!!