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Posted by rcguy1958 | Aug 20, 2014 @ 05:55 PM | 2,818 Views
Finally completed the sale of my 3DHS " Buck Huck " so generated the funds for this purchase. I liked the " Buck Huck" but just couldn't get comfortable flying it, seemed to need more speed to do everything than I was willing to fly it at. So, before I crashed it, decided to let it go and find a replacement that had the flight characteristics I enjoy, slow and predictable.
After reading all the build threads on VA Models and checking out all the videos the 330 SC seemed the best fit for me.

Ordered today,8/20/14, now just waiting for delivery to get started on the build.

Have all the gear left over from the " Buck Huck" so will be installing it in the Extra 330.
Motor : Motrofly 2610 1100 kv custom wound for 3D
Esc : ZTW Gecko 45 amp, with switching BEC capable of supplying up to 7.4 volts to the radio system ( Will be operating @ 6 Volts)
Servos: Hitec HS65MG servos
Batteries : 1600 MAH 3S Sky lipos or GFroce 1800 mah nanotech lipos (same exact wieght as the sky 1600's )

Will post pics with progress reports once the build starts.
Posted by rcguy1958 | Jun 18, 2014 @ 04:47 PM | 3,461 Views
After flying only 3D for the last few years, this season I'm going to mix in more scale flying. I already own a Durafly P-47 that I was very unhappy with in stock form, but after reading the thread on it, made the recommended improvements, and now it's a good flyer. So, I decided to try something slightly larger, and after reading many long threads in the electric war birds forum ( including the FW190 thread) decided to pull the trigger on the Dynam. The guys contributing to that thread have kept it simple and cost effective and all state that the plane needs very few improvements, which led to my decision.

The plan :

1) Change out the esc to a ZTW B series 45 amp I already have. ( the thread is split right down the middle on whether to change the esc or using the stock one, I trust all my 3D planes to ZTW and already have it on hand...hence the change)

2) Cut openings in the faux fan to allow cooling in for the esc and battery

3) I'm going to reinforce the motor mount plate with some Gorilla Glue before the first flight. There wasn't really a problem reported, but past experience with foamies is leading me to do this.

4)Install split flaps...have a nice idea about how to do it and will document and photograph it as I go.

5)Detail the cock pit somewhat, probably change out the pilot ( depending on which one it arrives with)

6)Reinforce the retract mounting and gear bays with 1/4 oz. glass/epoxy. Also, install birch blocks for mounting / increasing the forward rake of the gear.

7) Larger wheels....will determine which wheels after some more research.

8) Hinge the rudder, if not all surfaces.

9) Replace y-harnesses ( again....50/50 split on this...going to change to be on the safe side)

10) Full repaint. Attaching some pics of the possibilities so far