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Posted by JohnnyMc | Jun 14, 2011 @ 04:21 AM | 12,132 Views
Last build log was about changing my VMX rc bike into a replica of Ryan Villopoto's bike 2011 bike, who just happened to win the championship. Well this time its about changing the foam rider from stock to a replica of Ryan's riding gear. I picked his THOR Core Dagger Black/White gear worn at the LA Supercross and Salt Lake City in 2011, along with Alpinestar Tech10 boots.

Backing up a bit here but before painting the rider, I experimented with reducing the weight in an attempt to lower the COG to help the gyro forces in the bike's rear wheel. Surgery included dremeling the inside of his head, cutting his chest open and dremeling out inside, and dremeling the the inside of his legs from waist down to boot in a way that is not visible. I then modified the rider's stance from an almost vertical casual stance to a racing stance that is lower. This required a wedge cut out of his front waist area to get the rider lean I needed. I also had to modify direction of his arms cutting/shortening them. It looks better and also benefits lowering riders COG maybe a little. He was glued up with CA glue. In error I used thick CA when thin was suggested. I do have some issues with the glue being too hard and the soft foam cracking near by however so far he's holding up. The final area I worked on was the foam riders chest protector molded into the foam. I was not a fan and dremeled off some of that foam. I think that was a mistake because it exposed core foam which doesnt look good and...Continue Reading