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Posted by JohnnyMc | Aug 09, 2010 @ 03:13 AM | 11,342 Views
So Im waiting for the VMX450 rc dirt bike to come out. Ive also been clearing the backyard for many moons in preperation for laying down some grass. However, I have some finances that need to get resolved before considering dumping more $ into this house. So what can I do while I wait around? Well, I got just enough room to make a arenacross track for an rc dirt bike, and its free too. Pretty standard layout with outside sweeping left turn to a lane of whoops, 180 into 2 sets of triples, 180 into catapult finish line, and 180 to sweep around. The real issues is spacing of jumps. I dont have the bike so I cant really gauge spacing so Im just trying to visualize what 1/4 scale arenacross would be. All I know is I want to whip that bike over the catapult finish and record it in slow motion to get people fired up for racing.

R/c dirt bike arenacross track is born 8/8/2010...