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Posted by JavaScript | Oct 23, 2012 @ 10:26 AM | 5,445 Views
Been flying my TexasRCPlanes electric 66" Drastik for a while now...

Couple issues:
1. landing speed - I cannot seem to slow this plane down when there is no wind. I have added flaparon mix to the the radio and dial that in before turning base. It adds some flaps and up elevator. - HELPED HUGE! made landings slick. I used the slider on the radio to be able to adjust how much is used.

2. Prop ground clearance when landing gear flex. - I normally have carbon fiber landing gear that do not flex all that much. This plane has aluminum landing gear that flex pretty good and caused me to strike the prop if not careful.

Solution was to build spring struts for the front landing gear. (pics enclosed)

And increased the wheels from 2" to 3"

A fellow club member helped me with this.. it took piano wire and 2 compression springs.

We measured the wire and made 4 pieces that were log enough to get around the axle and back to half way up the landing gear.

In my case the landing gear was 14 inches from the mounting bolt to the axle.
Then using a torch we heated and bent the wire the diameter of the axle and the mounting bolt. Making 4 U shaped pieces with small hooks at the end. Put those into the springs then attached to the plane and covered the springs with heat shrink.

What a difference. This took almost all the bounce out of the landing gear.
Posted by JavaScript | Oct 15, 2012 @ 10:58 AM | 4,684 Views
Running out of room quick...

Just thought it was funny the effort we give to get planes to and from the flying field.