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Posted by JavaScript | Sep 28, 2012 @ 10:38 AM | 4,877 Views
So... took much longer than I anticipated... But she flew for the first time last night! WOW!

This is the 66" version from Texas RC Planes. Drastik 60

I built this plane electric using the following parts:

Eflight 60 Motor
With a 16x8e APC Prop
100amp Castle ESC
6s 4000mAh Battery
Full Size Hitec Servos

The only modification I made the plane was a battery tray. Small piece of light plywood spanning the area where the landing gear mount.

I got my first flight of the aircraft last night and let me tell you... WOW! what a great bird.

Flight review..
Calm winds at 6:30 in the evening.

Taxi and take off were smooth as silk, about half throttle and in about 20 feet she was in the air. Slight bank left and began my first pattern around the airfield, this plane and power combination are amazing. The plane took only 1 click of elevator and aileron trim otherwise flew perfect including inverted flight.

After a few passes I pulled vertical and put the power to it. This thing has "UNLIMITED" Vertical performance. Hammer head turn and came back, after rolls loops and a couple basic 3D maneuvers it was time to land it for the first time. Turned base and killed the power, turned final and it just seemed to glide forever. Put the wheels down and the plane rolled the length of the runway, I taxied it back and thought WOW!

I will be downsizing the prop to a 15x8e (or 15x7) and see how that performs.. The only other modification I will make is figuring out how to land it a little slower as at the speed of the maiden landing it could easily over shoot the end of our 350' runway.