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Posted by pttse | Mar 29, 2010 @ 12:20 AM | 8,637 Views
Gryphon Extreme-Heli regulator is dual linear regulator consisting of hybrid components with the power supply scheme by reboost power bus, which is high-end grade regulator to satisfy both utmost Extreme 3D flying and F3C to pursue perfect stability for high-class users.

This regulator, is actively applied with rapidly changing RC environment such as popularizing trend of Extreme 3D flying, becoming bigger of the body and high performance of the servo from the product design stage, has been developed to focus on the quality and stability of power and the improvement of transient response of entire power system instead of traditional method which uses simple current capacity as a measure for designing a regulator. In addition, the safety as well as user's convenience are secured to add the alarm function for low voltage of the receiver battery.

Power supply scheme by the Reboost power bus uniformly distributes power required for CCPM servo channel to guarantee stable property of the body, and can perform faithful Gyro function with excellent blocking effect against external noise such as reverse electromotive force of CCPM servo due to direct connection between the gyro system and RX.

It has passed various electronics countermeasure test and long-term field test, and optimized to tune with extreme operating environment as the project product even through the test for extremely hot weather in a desert region. Therefore, it should be the masterpiece of regulator to...Continue Reading