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Posted by munce31 | Feb 13, 2012 @ 07:12 AM | 2,985 Views
Just thought i'd post up pictures of my first successful flying scratchbuild when i just began in radio control (2+ years ago)

It's a variation of the 60" AP blubaby, except twin powered. It used two 1500kv 24gram blue wonder motors, two 10amp escs and ran on 3000mah 3s lipo pack. Unfortunately it was short lived as I became adventurous/cocky and tried to do a loop and the cheap ply wood that i used a dihedral spar failed..

Soon i'll be getting new stack of fan fold-like foam and i'll be building a new one. Perhaps not a twin, but a single motor and make the necessary changes/upgrades that i've learn't since my first one and other models that i've built since.