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Posted by Rickyd863 | Sep 19, 2010 @ 09:39 PM | 2,146 Views
Been almost a month since I updated my blog.
I calmed down my gun bug. I took my 22 and mini-14 to the range for a couple weekends and that cured the bug.
I started to install the flymentor into my trex. I was thinking it would help on the left-right and nose in hovers if I did not have top worry as much about stabilization. I actually got all the parts installed. I thought about it all week. The following weekend, I uninstalled the flymentor and put the gy401 and ar6100 back on it. I actually had some trouble getting the direction of the servos correct. It actually took untill the following weekend before I got this straightened out. I just had to start from the beginning. I also had some trouble with the gyro no headholding. I solved this by disconnecting the sense lead from the receiver. It hovers like a champ.. Can not waiting to actually take this to the park or field to fly. I think this would really help because I have been hovering in an area or 10'x10'. I still am running with the training gear on and will continue to do so until I can do more maneuvers correct and constant. then they will come off.

I started building the 600 ESP that i recently purchased. I have all mechanicals finished and next weekend will start on electrical. I will hover, then put up until I get better on the 450. I figured that I started on the 450 that I need to continue on it until a time when i feel that I am good enough to land correctly , without training gear. I will crank the 600 up to check everything out. My plans are to put a funkey 500E fuselage on the 450 and a huey on my 400. The 600 does not have a fate yet. I figure that later I will be trading the servos and gyro for probably jr cyclic and spartan gyro. But that is at a later date. I will not be doing the 3rd bearing block at this time, but probably will later. I have been reading alot on the forum about the 600 and it has really helped..

Until next time.