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Posted by Rickyd863 | Aug 21, 2010 @ 08:47 AM | 2,308 Views
Well, I have been doing some doing some hovering still but last couple weekends I have been playing with my mini-14 that i purchased. I have not really owned a rifle since I moved from the country and that was in 92. I got a good deal on this rifle and been to the range the last couple weekends. It has felt good to hold a rifle again after so long.

But I did buy a used flymentor NIB and couldn't decide which heli to put it in. I have a 400 with the angled tail or my trex. I will be doing scale once i get going. the 400 looks like it is made for a huey fuselage. but by installing in my trex, i was thinking i could learn the hovering nose in, side , etc better without having to worry about extra controls. I actually decided to install in trex. I installed everything and it fit perfect inside frame. Then I decided to go to HS for a 7 channel receiver. bad mistake. They had just got an order of Trex 600 ESP in stock. They shot me a price and i walked out with it. My goal has always been to fly scale and end up with a 500 or 600 for the largest heli in my hanger. By buying the 600, it actually changed my mind on the flymentor. I decided , since i did get the 600, I need to learn all about the 450 and not do any short cuts that i might regret later. So I am back where I started. Flymentor is in box, 450 is hovering and have a NIB 600 waiting to be assembled. I have been looking on forums about the 600 esp and was thinking of a 3rd block on main shaft and using the old 600 main...Continue Reading