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Posted by Rickyd863 | Jun 27, 2010 @ 11:10 AM | 2,319 Views
Well, I purchased the Scorpion 2221-8 and CC Thunderbird 54 esc. I would have liked the CC 45 but decided I really did not need the programming option at thsi time. This might seem like a spur of the moment decision since I am really new at this. But I was going to get this later anyway. Now I can grow into this combination and do not have to upgrade later. I will keep this short today as i do want to get in some air time.

The change did not affect the tail wag.. I called the local hobby shop {Hobby World} and then brought my heli to them. They checked the heli out before they even unlocked the front door. The only trouble i had was a gain issue on the transmitter. I think I was turning on the heli with the HH turned off and then turning it on. this was affecting the gyro programming. Everything is running smooth now..Even bought a ME109 Syro to play with when i get need a break from the Heli. I figure the 109 will get very little use...But looks good..LOL..

Posted by Rickyd863 | Jun 22, 2010 @ 06:58 AM | 2,384 Views
Got off work and decided to practice on the trex some more. I usually don't try this on weekdays. I work days and my fiancée works nights so i only have a couple hours before i have to wake her up. When i decide to fly, i want to take my time.

I cranked the Trex up and noticed a tail wobble. The tail started this when i cranked the motor up past 50%. I took it into the air a few times with the same results. Another problem developed at this time. After a few seconds in air, the heli would loose power. I would land and then throttle up and it wouldn't. I noticed that , when i landed, i would have to throttle all the way down and then throttle up and it would work. NOTE: i had this problem once before and thought it was no air to keep things cooler, so cut bottom opening in canopy.
I decided to stop and pull the canopy and check things out. The esc was hot enough to burn a person. At this time, I am running a Zippy 2250 3S 25C 11.1 battery. I immediately disconnected battery and call our local HS for a discussion. We had a long discussion about the problem . Long story short: It is the esc and possibly the motor. i am lucky that they carry a full line of motors and esc's in stock. Guess now is the time for the scorpion motor and castle esc that I have heard about on the forum..

next time
Posted by Rickyd863 | Jun 20, 2010 @ 07:45 PM | 2,285 Views
After seeing what i could accomplish yesterday, I decided to move to driveway between house and garage. This would give me a little more hover room. I was nervous in getting on concrete but figured that it was the right time. I di some hovering at various heights but concentrated on trying to hold same height and a reasonable tight circle. I think I achieved something along those lines today. I hovered and the controls felt "Comfortable" . that is the only word i can describe it. I will still practice hovering to control elevation and as tight of a circle as possible. When I figure i have done the best i can do, then i will proceed to the next phase. i will start tail in and then nose in. after that , it will be figure 8's. I figure after that, i can then finally take to the air..

until next time..
Posted by Rickyd863 | Jun 19, 2010 @ 06:14 PM | 2,130 Views
I have been busy leveling the backyard for a 16' above-ground pool. Boy , did I find out how out of shape i am in..But it is in the process of filling now. Makes my significant 1/2 happy..

The pool has actually cut my training ground in half for my trex.. I will contend with that when i have to. I still have a front yard that is okay for the immediate things i need to learn..
My friend actually showed me that i had something wrong on the trex. In the time i have been trying to learn this heli, i have replaced the boom, belt, tail blades, tail shaft, main shaft {x2}, main blades{x2}, dampers and bearnings in grips, feathering shaft and flybar. When i was finished with the pool, except for the waiting, i decided to try the trex again. I decided to try some CF blades that a local flyer recommended instead of woodies. Bottom line is I hovered for about 10-15 seconds 6" off ground the first time. The second time i hovered about 20 seconds 18" off ground. I kept the trex in a 5' diameter circle. I will continue to practice this until i can get it into a smaller one before i try anything else. After this , i will have to move to front yard. Oh, now for the bucket-head of the week mistake.. The thing that my friend pointed out was that my paddles were backwards. They were actually 180 degrees off. They have been that way since I replaced the fly-bar. this has been a few weeks. No wonder the controls acted funny. I thought it was just the nature of the beast...Continue Reading
Posted by Rickyd863 | Jun 01, 2010 @ 02:19 PM | 2,342 Views
Last few days I have tried to practice on the trex. I have actually got it into the air a few feet. It, of course , starts moving in a counter circle so i try to correct. A few times i have over-corrected and a few times i could see results that were good. I have immediately set it down and tried again. It seems , to me , that i am getting more used to the controls becasue everytime i have set it down, it has been in the upright position. I mean it has not tried to lean in one direction or another. it has been a controlled landing. Since i have replaced a number of parts on the trex, i would rate this past weekend a sucess in learning. i have taken one more step. I am welling to take my time because i know this will be something i will enjoy. A friend of mine is trying to fly also ,but he is of the opinion that if he can get it into the air, then he is flying. BUT he has trouble in landing. He says that he wants to fly 3d and thinks that , at a snap of the fingers, that he can do it. Now he is getting tired of it because he is starting to have to apply himself to it if he wants to continue because it is starting to cost now.. I think i will stick to my way. slow but sure.

I have also taken on another project. My landing gear has broken 3 times on my cx3. I am building some landing gear out of aluminum tubing, bar, and some carbon fiber tubes. I will also lower the battery holder because it is a (** )to get into if you have fat fingers...

Oh...the matter with the motor and esc being hot was solved... The canopy i am using is a generic plastic one and does not have the opening in the bottom under the esc..I used my trusty dremel and solved this and this in turn solved the starting and heating problem...