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Posted by Rickyd863 | May 23, 2010 @ 10:46 PM | 2,597 Views
May 23
Got my bearings in the other day and decided to finish the repair on the trex today. I paid attention on how the grips were removed and just reversed the process. or so i thought. On the last repair, when i had the bearing fall apart, i put everything back together, so i would be able to duplicate it, when the time came to do the bearing replacement. I took the grips off and noticed what looked like a bearing race still in the grip. I took the bearing that i got from horizon and compared it to the bearing in the other grip. It was the wrong bearing. It was smaller and had a flange. Luckily, i bought 2 complete sets from Boca and had correct ones. this is when i noticed that it was not a race in the grip but the outside shell of the old bearing.i managed to remove it and get everything replaced and lubed and reassembled. It was time to fly.. I too kthe trex outside and started to fire it up. I noticed the blades were not tracking properly. or so i think. I adjusted the linkage, 1/2 turn. this seemd to correct it or at least look better when spooled up. Even had a different pitch in sound now..I have my training gear on and get it into the air. i get about 2' and it starts to move a little. it is in a controlled movement. I shut it down. I do not care about flying at this time. i want to gt the hover down pat first. I do this a few times. I start to notice that the heli will not start a few times unless i unplug and replug the battery. I accidently touch the esc and...Continue Reading
Posted by Rickyd863 | May 16, 2010 @ 12:00 AM | 2,377 Views
May 15, 2010
well, i thought today was the day to get the heli back in the air. or try to. I checked everything onthe heli and programed my 9303 that i had just got. I have a stand that i strap my heli to, so i can check everything out on it..I strapped the trex to the stand and binded it to the 9303. it went as smooth as silk. I tested all the servos and they seemed to work properly. I gave it a little throttle and noticed something wrong. It looked like my blades were not tracking evenly. i mean they were off by around a 1/2". I thought this was strange, as i had balanced the blades. So i decided to switch places with them and see what happens. They still tracked out by about 1/2". I then noticed that my main shaft was bent. So i took the head apart and replaced the main shaft. When i fired it up, i noticed the main gear was making a strange sound. I had not inserted the spacer onto the shaft in the correct place. i had put it between the main gear and tail gear. Popped the servo rods off swashplate and raised shaft and corrected this. I put back together and slowly advanced throttle. I noticed main tail gear was wobbling. In my opinion, this was too much, so i went through the same procedure and replaced it. I fired it up and the blades were still were not tracking correct. As i was taking the blades off, I noticed one of the grips had some play in it. I pulled the shaft, but as i was removing the first grip, the bearing next to the head unit, fell into the...Continue Reading
Posted by Rickyd863 | May 11, 2010 @ 11:07 AM | 2,729 Views
May 7th
Well, i decided to straighted the boom an try again. I would take it slow and easy and just try to get to hover height and then land and replace the boom from the previous wreck. I knew the tail would have a vibration, but decided that this would not be enough to hurt my purposes.
I put the new training gear on, using all 6 positions for the struts. Better safe then sorry. I have been taking my time on this due to me wanting to fly , not crash all the time. I do not mind repairing but i , at least want the flying time to balance out to the "+" side.
Mistake #2
I got the trex to the 2' mark and found that i could control it reasonably well. decided to try higher, about 10' or so. all went well. Then i had to turn it due to some trees being on the opposite side of the trex from me and i did not want to get close. now, this is where me being green comes into play. I did get it turned and orientated correctly. i forgot the part about if you move the controls in normal direction, it will be reversed if the heli is facing you. I tried to correct this but all I did is over correct. this was from me being green and my rates are still too high. Again it took a dive. I did hit the hold immediately. the heli took a dive again. The end results are:
1: Training gear hub snapped again.
2:The main blades are damaged. You can see the foam throught he split in the seam of both blades{align CF}.
3:Tail blades snapped off{plastic}.
4: Tail boom bent in 2...Continue Reading
Posted by Rickyd863 | May 11, 2010 @ 10:33 AM | 2,749 Views
April 30
Well, it finally happened. I am still learning to hover and had my first crash. I did not do the basics before i started. I did not do a pre-check before trying. I figured that since i was not going to be above 3 ft, that the training gear would be enough. Boy, was i wrong. I have the training gear for the 450 and it looked sturdy enough.
I raised the trex up to approx 3' just fine. I started to turn it and then found that 2 of the servos needed reversed. Since I was close to the earth that it bit me before i had a chance to correct this. But as soon at i saw it happening , i knew what was going on.. But I got lucky. The center hub for the training gear got broke in half and one of the spokes apparently flipped, somehow and left a crease across the boom of the trex. Nothing else was damaged.