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Posted by Rickyd863 | Apr 06, 2010 @ 10:40 PM | 2,737 Views
I've had a lot thrown at me the past 1.5 yrs and decided I needed to find a hobby that I could enjoy. Enter Heli's. My step sons received 2 toy heli's for Christmas and that was the final straw. I was hooked. I went and bought my first real heli, the MCX s300. Now after 3 months I have bought more and am still learning. I haev the mcx s300, 2 msr, CP Pro V2, 4#6, CX2, CX3, Trex 450 SE v2, Blade 400 blinged to the max. The cp pro, Most i can fly now. I am running simulator on the trex 450 so that i will have minor crashes when i do get that one outside. I am just trying to minimize the mistakes i am going to make. I want to learn some 3d but nothing major..Then, when i get better, i will get the 400 out for a showoff. But ubtil that day, i will still be learning..never too old..


I Was wondering how others got bit by the bug called heli's!