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Posted by Rickyd863 | Oct 27, 2010 @ 09:32 PM | 3,303 Views
Haven't made a blog entry in awhile so thought I would update..
I messed around and got a ar7000 for my 600 but then decided to use it on my 450 instead. after trying to bind a few times , it finally dawned on me that i had to have the satellite connected. it binded at first try and is great. I also had to change my feathering shaft as I could not get my tracking correct. This corrected the tracking. Decided I would hover for awhile before i put it up for the day. It was only after I landed from about a 2 minute hover , that it dawned on me that I did not have my training gear on it.. I will still use the gear as i am still trying the different positions in a hover.

I do not care how long it takes to be a decent operator. I will practice for as long at it takes . One of the reasons behind this is that when i finish the 600 and decide to take it up in the air, I did not plan to have training gear on it. I am going to experiment with the copilot 2 so that I can practice the orientations on hover. I have actually taken my hands off transmitter for a few seconds and heli stays in place pretty well. To me, this says that the heli is set up right. So the copilot should be easy to setup now. This was the main reason to putting the 7000 into my 450. I wanted to have the on/off on a seperate channel. Not have the gyro running through the copilot so I could turn the copilot off.

I am actually taking my time on the 600 build. I have all the servos and motor mounted. I have got a...Continue Reading
Posted by Rickyd863 | Sep 19, 2010 @ 08:39 PM | 2,120 Views
Been almost a month since I updated my blog.
I calmed down my gun bug. I took my 22 and mini-14 to the range for a couple weekends and that cured the bug.
I started to install the flymentor into my trex. I was thinking it would help on the left-right and nose in hovers if I did not have top worry as much about stabilization. I actually got all the parts installed. I thought about it all week. The following weekend, I uninstalled the flymentor and put the gy401 and ar6100 back on it. I actually had some trouble getting the direction of the servos correct. It actually took untill the following weekend before I got this straightened out. I just had to start from the beginning. I also had some trouble with the gyro no headholding. I solved this by disconnecting the sense lead from the receiver. It hovers like a champ.. Can not waiting to actually take this to the park or field to fly. I think this would really help because I have been hovering in an area or 10'x10'. I still am running with the training gear on and will continue to do so until I can do more maneuvers correct and constant. then they will come off.

I started building the 600 ESP that i recently purchased. I have all mechanicals finished and next weekend will start on electrical. I will hover, then put up until I get better on the 450. I figured that I started on the 450 that I need to continue on it until a time when i feel that I am good enough to land correctly , without training gear. I will crank the 600 up to check everything out. My plans are to put a funkey 500E fuselage on the 450 and a huey on my 400. The 600 does not have a fate yet. I figure that later I will be trading the servos and gyro for probably jr cyclic and spartan gyro. But that is at a later date. I will not be doing the 3rd bearing block at this time, but probably will later. I have been reading alot on the forum about the 600 and it has really helped..

Until next time.
Posted by Rickyd863 | Aug 21, 2010 @ 07:47 AM | 2,281 Views
Well, I have been doing some doing some hovering still but last couple weekends I have been playing with my mini-14 that i purchased. I have not really owned a rifle since I moved from the country and that was in 92. I got a good deal on this rifle and been to the range the last couple weekends. It has felt good to hold a rifle again after so long.

But I did buy a used flymentor NIB and couldn't decide which heli to put it in. I have a 400 with the angled tail or my trex. I will be doing scale once i get going. the 400 looks like it is made for a huey fuselage. but by installing in my trex, i was thinking i could learn the hovering nose in, side , etc better without having to worry about extra controls. I actually decided to install in trex. I installed everything and it fit perfect inside frame. Then I decided to go to HS for a 7 channel receiver. bad mistake. They had just got an order of Trex 600 ESP in stock. They shot me a price and i walked out with it. My goal has always been to fly scale and end up with a 500 or 600 for the largest heli in my hanger. By buying the 600, it actually changed my mind on the flymentor. I decided , since i did get the 600, I need to learn all about the 450 and not do any short cuts that i might regret later. So I am back where I started. Flymentor is in box, 450 is hovering and have a NIB 600 waiting to be assembled. I have been looking on forums about the 600 esp and was thinking of a 3rd block on main shaft and using the old 600 main...Continue Reading
Posted by Rickyd863 | Jul 12, 2010 @ 09:29 PM | 2,143 Views
Another BucketHead stunt on my part. I was doing some hovering in our drive way and decided I would do it in the shade. I sat on the picnic table and commenced to hover. This is in roughly a 10' x 10' area. It has been windy all day. I was doing great. Then I decided I would slowly turn the trex and move it to the driveway, This would consist of rotating the trex approx. 135 Degrees clockwise and forward 10'. This is an addition to added to the side of my driveway so people could park and not block the garage. I rotated fine..It actually turned just like it supposed too. A gust of wind hit and it went left and down. Since I was only about 3' off the ground, I only have minor damage. The trex tried to slap the central air unit and lost. nicked my CF blades and slight bend to main shaft and fly-bar. Easy Fix. But still something that should not have happened.

From now on, I will be going back to where i used to live and flying in that lot. it is 150' x 150'. It is just up the road from me and the person who thinks he can fly now lives there. He has got disgusted with helis and I talked to him and showed him some things even I could see that was wrong with his heli. Told him I would help him work on it Saturday. I will help him with what little knowledge i have. it is almost like the blind leading the blind. Almost.

Posted by Rickyd863 | Jul 06, 2010 @ 03:32 PM | 2,526 Views
Still been hovering, tail in, until I am satisfied with it. Some timews I can hold a tight circle, but most times I have been intensionally moving the heli then trying to bring it back into a small radius circle. I have been doing good enough that I began to think I needed a larger area to practice in. We have a park at the end of our street and figured that would be a perfect place. this park has a play area and parking lot on one side of the road and on the other side is a smaller parking lot with a couple areas with picnic tables. This area leads to the walking track. I go to the side with the picnic tables due to the other side having renovations done. I crank the heli up and do some good hovers. Then I get into a situation where i have to gain control of the heli to land and forgot I had it on 1{stunt} instead of 0{normal}. So needless to say, when i lowered the head speed, I was not prepared for the results. I had some damage, but have the parts to fit . damage includes main blades, linkage to servos. I also noticed servos are not 90 degrees when i checked the damage out. this might just be me. When i look at linkages , i will re-level swash place, just to be on the safe side. Still, all in all, not a bad run, I am thinking. I learnt a valuable lesson..Since i am in the learning stage, i should have never had a stunt setup on the heli in the first place. I will make sure the stunt 1 and 2 are the same as "0" {normal}. I am a firm believer that you have to learn to walk before run but no body is perfect either..
I will repair the Trex today and be back at the park tomorrow and almost every day until my vacation is over. I want to go to next step. tail in, nose in, circles tail in, nose in, and simple correct circles.. I will always remember to take my time and only advance when i am satisfied with my results.
until next time.
Posted by Rickyd863 | Jun 27, 2010 @ 10:10 AM | 2,293 Views
Well, I purchased the Scorpion 2221-8 and CC Thunderbird 54 esc. I would have liked the CC 45 but decided I really did not need the programming option at thsi time. This might seem like a spur of the moment decision since I am really new at this. But I was going to get this later anyway. Now I can grow into this combination and do not have to upgrade later. I will keep this short today as i do want to get in some air time.

The change did not affect the tail wag.. I called the local hobby shop {Hobby World} and then brought my heli to them. They checked the heli out before they even unlocked the front door. The only trouble i had was a gain issue on the transmitter. I think I was turning on the heli with the HH turned off and then turning it on. this was affecting the gyro programming. Everything is running smooth now..Even bought a ME109 Syro to play with when i get need a break from the Heli. I figure the 109 will get very little use...But looks good..LOL..

Posted by Rickyd863 | Jun 22, 2010 @ 05:58 AM | 2,354 Views
Got off work and decided to practice on the trex some more. I usually don't try this on weekdays. I work days and my fiancée works nights so i only have a couple hours before i have to wake her up. When i decide to fly, i want to take my time.

I cranked the Trex up and noticed a tail wobble. The tail started this when i cranked the motor up past 50%. I took it into the air a few times with the same results. Another problem developed at this time. After a few seconds in air, the heli would loose power. I would land and then throttle up and it wouldn't. I noticed that , when i landed, i would have to throttle all the way down and then throttle up and it would work. NOTE: i had this problem once before and thought it was no air to keep things cooler, so cut bottom opening in canopy.
I decided to stop and pull the canopy and check things out. The esc was hot enough to burn a person. At this time, I am running a Zippy 2250 3S 25C 11.1 battery. I immediately disconnected battery and call our local HS for a discussion. We had a long discussion about the problem . Long story short: It is the esc and possibly the motor. i am lucky that they carry a full line of motors and esc's in stock. Guess now is the time for the scorpion motor and castle esc that I have heard about on the forum..

next time
Posted by Rickyd863 | Jun 20, 2010 @ 06:45 PM | 2,254 Views
After seeing what i could accomplish yesterday, I decided to move to driveway between house and garage. This would give me a little more hover room. I was nervous in getting on concrete but figured that it was the right time. I di some hovering at various heights but concentrated on trying to hold same height and a reasonable tight circle. I think I achieved something along those lines today. I hovered and the controls felt "Comfortable" . that is the only word i can describe it. I will still practice hovering to control elevation and as tight of a circle as possible. When I figure i have done the best i can do, then i will proceed to the next phase. i will start tail in and then nose in. after that , it will be figure 8's. I figure after that, i can then finally take to the air..

until next time..
Posted by Rickyd863 | Jun 19, 2010 @ 05:14 PM | 2,100 Views
I have been busy leveling the backyard for a 16' above-ground pool. Boy , did I find out how out of shape i am in..But it is in the process of filling now. Makes my significant 1/2 happy..

The pool has actually cut my training ground in half for my trex.. I will contend with that when i have to. I still have a front yard that is okay for the immediate things i need to learn..
My friend actually showed me that i had something wrong on the trex. In the time i have been trying to learn this heli, i have replaced the boom, belt, tail blades, tail shaft, main shaft {x2}, main blades{x2}, dampers and bearnings in grips, feathering shaft and flybar. When i was finished with the pool, except for the waiting, i decided to try the trex again. I decided to try some CF blades that a local flyer recommended instead of woodies. Bottom line is I hovered for about 10-15 seconds 6" off ground the first time. The second time i hovered about 20 seconds 18" off ground. I kept the trex in a 5' diameter circle. I will continue to practice this until i can get it into a smaller one before i try anything else. After this , i will have to move to front yard. Oh, now for the bucket-head of the week mistake.. The thing that my friend pointed out was that my paddles were backwards. They were actually 180 degrees off. They have been that way since I replaced the fly-bar. this has been a few weeks. No wonder the controls acted funny. I thought it was just the nature of the beast...Continue Reading
Posted by Rickyd863 | Jun 01, 2010 @ 01:19 PM | 2,312 Views
Last few days I have tried to practice on the trex. I have actually got it into the air a few feet. It, of course , starts moving in a counter circle so i try to correct. A few times i have over-corrected and a few times i could see results that were good. I have immediately set it down and tried again. It seems , to me , that i am getting more used to the controls becasue everytime i have set it down, it has been in the upright position. I mean it has not tried to lean in one direction or another. it has been a controlled landing. Since i have replaced a number of parts on the trex, i would rate this past weekend a sucess in learning. i have taken one more step. I am welling to take my time because i know this will be something i will enjoy. A friend of mine is trying to fly also ,but he is of the opinion that if he can get it into the air, then he is flying. BUT he has trouble in landing. He says that he wants to fly 3d and thinks that , at a snap of the fingers, that he can do it. Now he is getting tired of it because he is starting to have to apply himself to it if he wants to continue because it is starting to cost now.. I think i will stick to my way. slow but sure.

I have also taken on another project. My landing gear has broken 3 times on my cx3. I am building some landing gear out of aluminum tubing, bar, and some carbon fiber tubes. I will also lower the battery holder because it is a (** )to get into if you have fat fingers...

Oh...the matter with the motor and esc being hot was solved... The canopy i am using is a generic plastic one and does not have the opening in the bottom under the esc..I used my trusty dremel and solved this and this in turn solved the starting and heating problem...
Posted by Rickyd863 | May 23, 2010 @ 09:46 PM | 2,567 Views
May 23
Got my bearings in the other day and decided to finish the repair on the trex today. I paid attention on how the grips were removed and just reversed the process. or so i thought. On the last repair, when i had the bearing fall apart, i put everything back together, so i would be able to duplicate it, when the time came to do the bearing replacement. I took the grips off and noticed what looked like a bearing race still in the grip. I took the bearing that i got from horizon and compared it to the bearing in the other grip. It was the wrong bearing. It was smaller and had a flange. Luckily, i bought 2 complete sets from Boca and had correct ones. this is when i noticed that it was not a race in the grip but the outside shell of the old bearing.i managed to remove it and get everything replaced and lubed and reassembled. It was time to fly.. I too kthe trex outside and started to fire it up. I noticed the blades were not tracking properly. or so i think. I adjusted the linkage, 1/2 turn. this seemd to correct it or at least look better when spooled up. Even had a different pitch in sound now..I have my training gear on and get it into the air. i get about 2' and it starts to move a little. it is in a controlled movement. I shut it down. I do not care about flying at this time. i want to gt the hover down pat first. I do this a few times. I start to notice that the heli will not start a few times unless i unplug and replug the battery. I accidently touch the esc and...Continue Reading
Posted by Rickyd863 | May 15, 2010 @ 11:00 PM | 2,356 Views
May 15, 2010
well, i thought today was the day to get the heli back in the air. or try to. I checked everything onthe heli and programed my 9303 that i had just got. I have a stand that i strap my heli to, so i can check everything out on it..I strapped the trex to the stand and binded it to the 9303. it went as smooth as silk. I tested all the servos and they seemed to work properly. I gave it a little throttle and noticed something wrong. It looked like my blades were not tracking evenly. i mean they were off by around a 1/2". I thought this was strange, as i had balanced the blades. So i decided to switch places with them and see what happens. They still tracked out by about 1/2". I then noticed that my main shaft was bent. So i took the head apart and replaced the main shaft. When i fired it up, i noticed the main gear was making a strange sound. I had not inserted the spacer onto the shaft in the correct place. i had put it between the main gear and tail gear. Popped the servo rods off swashplate and raised shaft and corrected this. I put back together and slowly advanced throttle. I noticed main tail gear was wobbling. In my opinion, this was too much, so i went through the same procedure and replaced it. I fired it up and the blades were still were not tracking correct. As i was taking the blades off, I noticed one of the grips had some play in it. I pulled the shaft, but as i was removing the first grip, the bearing next to the head unit, fell into the...Continue Reading
Posted by Rickyd863 | May 11, 2010 @ 10:07 AM | 2,694 Views
May 7th
Well, i decided to straighted the boom an try again. I would take it slow and easy and just try to get to hover height and then land and replace the boom from the previous wreck. I knew the tail would have a vibration, but decided that this would not be enough to hurt my purposes.
I put the new training gear on, using all 6 positions for the struts. Better safe then sorry. I have been taking my time on this due to me wanting to fly , not crash all the time. I do not mind repairing but i , at least want the flying time to balance out to the "+" side.
Mistake #2
I got the trex to the 2' mark and found that i could control it reasonably well. decided to try higher, about 10' or so. all went well. Then i had to turn it due to some trees being on the opposite side of the trex from me and i did not want to get close. now, this is where me being green comes into play. I did get it turned and orientated correctly. i forgot the part about if you move the controls in normal direction, it will be reversed if the heli is facing you. I tried to correct this but all I did is over correct. this was from me being green and my rates are still too high. Again it took a dive. I did hit the hold immediately. the heli took a dive again. The end results are:
1: Training gear hub snapped again.
2:The main blades are damaged. You can see the foam throught he split in the seam of both blades{align CF}.
3:Tail blades snapped off{plastic}.
4: Tail boom bent in 2...Continue Reading
Posted by Rickyd863 | May 11, 2010 @ 09:33 AM | 2,718 Views
April 30
Well, it finally happened. I am still learning to hover and had my first crash. I did not do the basics before i started. I did not do a pre-check before trying. I figured that since i was not going to be above 3 ft, that the training gear would be enough. Boy, was i wrong. I have the training gear for the 450 and it looked sturdy enough.
I raised the trex up to approx 3' just fine. I started to turn it and then found that 2 of the servos needed reversed. Since I was close to the earth that it bit me before i had a chance to correct this. But as soon at i saw it happening , i knew what was going on.. But I got lucky. The center hub for the training gear got broke in half and one of the spokes apparently flipped, somehow and left a crease across the boom of the trex. Nothing else was damaged.
Posted by Rickyd863 | Apr 06, 2010 @ 09:40 PM | 2,709 Views
I've had a lot thrown at me the past 1.5 yrs and decided I needed to find a hobby that I could enjoy. Enter Heli's. My step sons received 2 toy heli's for Christmas and that was the final straw. I was hooked. I went and bought my first real heli, the MCX s300. Now after 3 months I have bought more and am still learning. I haev the mcx s300, 2 msr, CP Pro V2, 4#6, CX2, CX3, Trex 450 SE v2, Blade 400 blinged to the max. The cp pro, Most i can fly now. I am running simulator on the trex 450 so that i will have minor crashes when i do get that one outside. I am just trying to minimize the mistakes i am going to make. I want to learn some 3d but nothing major..Then, when i get better, i will get the 400 out for a showoff. But ubtil that day, i will still be learning..never too old..


I Was wondering how others got bit by the bug called heli's!