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Posted by WAGliderGuy | Jan 13, 2012 @ 02:47 PM | 10,411 Views
I have used the Aerostar for almost everything from converting it to electric, flying it off water with floats, putting skis on for snow to attatching four different camera on for aerial video. It has been a great plane but it dosn't always snow and even though there are a couple of lakes nearby, I only get a few opportunities to fly off them during the summer. So instead of letting it collect dust I decided to do one more modifcation - bush performance.

I cut out the original long and slim strip ailerons and replaced them with some new ones that have a longer width. I used a bigger width because I only have room for them on the second outer half of the wing. I then got some balsa blocks and carved the flaps out and attatched them. The hardest part about the wings was creating the new balsa spars for the hinging. Once I finished the wing, I took out the orignal trike gear and got a Du-Bro .40-.60 size gear and attatched some 3 1/2'' Lite-Flite wheels. The gear screws into the same place the floats attatch to.

After completing the main gear, I beefed up the area above the gear attatchment point, the battery floor by epoxing some blue (colored red) foam on top and adding an extra ply spacer. The next hard part was the tailwheel. I bought an Ohio Superstar 'Wheel Leaf Tiny 4-8 lbs' and attatched it. Then, I got an HS-82MG servo, cut out a hole for it and screwed it in.

After making the connection for the steering, I got a CC 10A UBEC and spliced it into the input...Continue Reading
Posted by WAGliderGuy | Jan 13, 2012 @ 02:23 PM | 10,171 Views
Been awhile since I made a blog entry!

Last September, I made some 'dummy' (non-funtional) skis for my P. Tritle PC-6 Porter. They are built and sheeted with balsa and after some sanding I put some aluminum monokote on. The overall shape is ok but in real life there are more curves and edges that I was to lazy to replicate

Anyways, I epoxied the inside edge of the skis to the backside of the landing gear strut attachment point so it is level with the wheels. Then I added some fishing wire attatchemtents on the front, back and across the middle of the skis and they attatch to various points on the fuselage. Again, not the best looking but when its flying it looks great!

First Flight with Skis on my P. Tritle Pilatus Porter with STOL Land./TOs (2 min 8 sec)