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Posted by WAGliderGuy | Dec 05, 2010 @ 12:07 AM | 11,390 Views
I will say the maiden went good but not great. Here is the video:

Sig Four-Star 20 EP Kit Maiden Flights! (2 min 2 sec)

As you can see the model seemed very tail heavy even though I balanced it out right on the main wing spar where the manual states to. I landed it, took one lead weight out of the back and took it up again. Still tail heavy! This time It wasn't as bad so I decided to just stick alot of down trim in and land a little early (down trim and a tail heavy plane causes drag).

Even though the model was tail heavy it flew great! Rolls, loops, immelmans, spilt-s's you name it! This model is a floater and does not fly very fast due to its semi-symetrical airfoil. The motor setup I use gives it unlimited vertical but I only need 1/2 throttle or less to cruise around. Landings are a breeze and as you can expect this light Four-Star hanges on ground effect for awhile! Stalls? Well it just slowly pitches downward! All in all, this model flies as you would expect any famous sport plane to

Now more about the 'cg' issue I am having. I took a 3rd flight up with a bigger and heavier 3000 mah 3S and set the trim to neutral. Still tail heavy! So I landed and took the weights out of the tail and then what up again. Tail heavy but not as bad as the last time. But this is ridculous, the model is way nose heavy on the CG machine. I thought it may be a aerodynamic issue so I checked the angle of attack on the horizontal stab and the wing....all are perfect as per the plans. I expected it to be nose heavy with the bigger motor and battery I was using!

Any thoughts?