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Posted by WAGliderGuy | Nov 15, 2010 @ 08:35 PM | 12,816 Views
What a fun and easy sport build!

Here is my setup:

Motor: HeadsUpRC Power-Up 15 sport (1000kv).
ESC: Hobbyking Mystery 40amp.
Batteries: Zippy/Lightmax 3S 2100mah 35Cs (JUST fit!)
Props: 10X7, 10X8, 11X7, 11X8 e-wood and a 11X8.5. Maiden will be with a 11X7 and I don't think I will try the 10'' props.
Servos: HS-81s for the rudder/elevator and HS-65HBs for the ailerons.
RX: Spektrum AR6200.


Du-Bro 40 size tailwheel bracket (broke the stock wire)
Du-Bro 1'' 60 size tailwheel
2oz. of lead velcroed behind the exit cooling hole for balancing
Quick and Simple 808 E-bay Keychain Cam Mount inside the cockpit

Building Notes:

Check and keep checking that your wing is straight!

I covered the cowling instead of going through the hassle of find a Cub Yellow paint.

Black/White Checkerboard UltraCote on the bottom of the wings for some VERY nice contrast!

Use at least 2.5'' wheels (I use Du-Bro lightweight) for grass. Also glue those securing nuts on so the wheel dosan't fly off!

Covering Used:

Cub Yellow Solarfilm (Aerofilm) from StevensAero
Black/White Checkerboard Ultracote

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