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Posted by WAGliderGuy | Sep 26, 2010 @ 01:18 AM | 12,229 Views
It flew! Ailerons were sluggish and the 11X7 prop was underpowered but it flew! Two min. after the first takeoff I decided to land and check things. I made an OK landing with two bounces but when I throttled back up the motor came off the firewall mount. This was because I forgot to select soft start on the ESC so the motor started jerking everywhere. Anyway, we fixed that and later in the evening I got three more flights in with an APC 11X8.5 prop that produced much more power and speed. For the 4900 mah Rhino pack I had a 4 min flight reducing the voltage to 15.87 and on the 5000 mah Moxie pack I had a 7 min flight reducin the pack to 15.39. That means I can probally expect up to 10 min of mild flying which is fine with me. This was probally the last good summer day weatherwise before we get hit with winter so its going to be awhile until I can fly the Tiger 2 again. In the meant time I will add the decals and racing stripes! Please watch the video (HD is the best) I made and I attached some pictures:

GP Carl Goldberg Tiger 2 Kit Electric Maiden Flights! (6 min 3 sec)