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Posted by WAGliderGuy | Aug 01, 2010 @ 08:53 PM | 12,077 Views
My Easy Glider is (was) not a very popular subject on my Youtube channel but more of a 'side thing'. It was my first aileron glider but it suffered many setbacks. First back in Early March I burnt alot of the motor mount (which is the crappiest mount for a motor ever) out. Then later in march I forgot the wing spar and used a freind's EasyStar spar (stupid huh?) and nosed her in after some serious wing flexing. The nose has always been bent 4 degrees off since then. I play baseball so my hand-launches suck so I crashed it a few more times. And then I stripped the motor out and towed it and boy was that fun!

Overall I am sad to lose it because it was such a nice flying plane when it streched its wings. Videos!:


Click the annotation at the end of the video for the full crash video! (CARNAGE!!!)

Memorial video I made:

Multiplex Easy Glider Electric Memorial (2 min 27 sec)