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Posted by argo-2 | Nov 01, 2012 @ 06:34 AM | 7,015 Views
A pictorial of my recent Bat build follows:
Specs -

Bat variation: 'Superfreak'. Wing roots cut to make a straight TE (actually 15mm sweep back).
Span: 1370mm (54").
AUW: 790gms (28 Ounces).
Reinforcing: 2 x 2mm fibreglass rods aft, 2 x 3mm FG rods forward, 8x0.8mm CF strip embedded into TE, Balsa TE/Hinge strips & FG tape/3M90 LE reinforcement.
Elevon material: Balsa.
Covering: Lamfilm then signwriter's vinyl (vinyl also acts as elevon hinges).
Batterys: 4 x AAA NiMH LSD 900mAH.
Added nose lead: 70gms + 70gms each side of battery pack.
Edit: Added another 62gms of lead to the beak to bring CG forward to 154mm.
Edit2: Now tuned after maiden to CG of 156mm.
Edit3: Still going back, now 159mm....Continue Reading