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Posted by argo-2 | Dec 13, 2011 @ 02:54 AM | 9,359 Views
As can be seen from some of my Floater Jet (FJ) vids, my park flying area is just a bit challengingly short! Enter the idea of FJ reverse-thrust

I could have substituted in a RC car ESC, but that would have limited my throttle-stick throws to a half-forward & half-back, plus the BEC is pitifully low amperage. Then I found this forum: This forum is a how-to for flashing Atmel8 AVR ESC's (TowerPro, BlueSeries/Mystery, Turnigy/HobbyWing, etc) to simonk's code. Its original intent was for Quadcopters ESC's as the new firmware (code) makes the ESC much smoother and responsive. Nek started the thread with simonk being the master-mind behind the code which was originally conceived and implemented by quax.

After much help I have succeeded in flashing a BlueSeries 12Amp which I pressed into service as a concept testbed. A vid of my testing is below and I have a nice new BlueSeries 30Amp ESC on its way to flash and try in my Floater Jet. Crazy times ahead!

I have programmed the ESC and 9X TX such that full-down throttle-stick is off/braked, with full-up full normal thrust (so perfectly normal so far). With the new ESC code, by adding in some throttle negative mix, via the three-position ID switch, the motor now runs backwards.

Here's a vid to show the idea. By the way the bandaid (we call them plasters) on my finger is not prop damage - its a burn from cooking a dinner. Bloody dangerous those kitchens and should...Continue Reading