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Posted by argo-2 | Oct 04, 2011 @ 06:23 AM | 15,751 Views
If like me you upgraded from a HKT6A TX to the 9X you may want to give the 'ol T6A a new lease of life as a Trainer-box.

Here's how:
  • Open up the T6A, remove back cover and drill a jack-plug hole. Mount a phono jack-plug (if you want to remove RF during Trainer-Box mode, you will need the phono-jack to have a push-to-break switch incorporated).
  • Run the jack-plug shaft connection to the ground of your T6A PCB (in the photo its the yellow wire). I soldered a wire onto the S-Video programming port's GND pin on the main PCB connector.
  • Run the jack-plug tip connection to the PPM pin of your T6A PCB (in the photo its the blue wire). I soldered a wire onto the S-Video programming port's PPM pin on the PCB connector.
  • Cut the RED wire that supplies the RF PCB with a GND connection. Connect the GND from the RF PCB (wire that you just cut), to the push-to-break switch on the phono-jack (green wire in the photos). Connect the other end of the push-to-break switch to the GND connection of the phono-jack shaft connection you made above.
See the attached schematics. What we are doing is using the T6A programming port PPM signal to feed to the Trainer-input of our 9X via a mono-cable (or stereo cable). It is 'isolated' from the PPM output of the T6A IC via R36 (4k2).

To shut off the RF when either using the T6a as a Trainer-box or as Simulator-Box we use the make-to-break switch integrated into the phono-jack. Normally this connects the RF PCB to GND. When a phono-plug is plugged in,...Continue Reading