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Posted by argo-2 | Sep 20, 2011 @ 04:19 AM | 14,298 Views
This blog entry will be an illustration of my experiences modifying a Fly Sky FS-THX9X Transmitter

This Transmitter is also available as the Turnigy 9X.

The mod's carried out are:

a) Install a port in the TX to allow an AVR Programmer to connect directly with the Atmel Microprocessor (uP)

b) Flash the TX's uP to an opensource operating system, either:

c) Install a HobbyKing LED backlight

d) Install a HobbyKing LiFe TX Battery

e) Install HobbyKing TurboThumbs gimbal control knobs

NOTE: If you came here looking for a way to flash your TX and this looks all to hard Then have a look here:
No cutting and no soldering (if you have a V2 TX)! And very little friggin around with soldering irons etc.
Just wanted to let you know - its all part of the service

So now a Q&A around "why" (do this).
Here's a list I sent to my mate Aero Andy:

Q: Why the 9X TX?
A: For USD40 (LeaderHobby) it's a bloody good TX. Its just the operating software (OS) is not so good.

Q: Why new Firmware (FW - the operating system code - like Windows/Linux/...Continue Reading