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Posted by ScotY | Feb 16, 2011 @ 06:13 PM | 10,929 Views
Glider and general programming guides created by MalcolmHolt...thanks Malcolm!

Also, a big thanks to fnnwizard (Tuan) for all the assistance with the 8FG! I'd post his glider template here but it's not an allowed file type. I don't think he'd mind if I gave this file out so, if interested in getting a copy, send me a PM.
Posted by ScotY | Feb 02, 2011 @ 12:57 PM | 8,046 Views
Great build thread by Graham 65 here:

Settings from Graham:

More info here:

Specs and setup info:

From Ace Model UK:
Wing Span: 2.414 mm
Wing Area: 44.94 dm2
Wing Profile: NAN F3J
Fuse Length: 1320 mm
Empty weight: 857g
Motor diameter: Up to 36mm
- Ailerons: up 18 mm, down 9 mm
- Rudder: right/left 18 mm
- Elevator: up 11 mm, down 9 mm (Elevator neutral point 78 mm measured from bottom of fuselage to trailing edge)
- Butterfly braking: flaps down 0-43 mm, ailerons up 0-12 mm, elevator down 0-6 mm.
- Soaring: ailerons and flaps down 5 mm, elevator down 2 mm.
- Speed: ailerons and flaps up 3 mm, elevator up 1 mm.
- Center of Gravity 106-108 mm from leading edge, use test flights to find best place.

Just want to list my notes here as I tend to lose things, forgetful, etc.

Right wing 11.0 oz.
Left wing 11.3
Fuselage 7.6
Stab 1.7
Joiner 1.2
Hardware 1.4
TOTAL 34.2

MKS 6125 Mini (flaps) 0.9
MKS Ds95 (elevator) 0.7
Hyperion DS09-AMD (ailerons) 0.4
Hitec HS-5065MG (rudder) 0.4

Motor/controller (approx.) 11.5
4S 2650 lipo (approx.) 11.5
Rx battery (approx.) 5.0

RTF (estimated) 65.9+

Build Notes:

Control horns - Did not use provided control horns. Used item #5 from, 7.5mm height, offset hole for clevis....Continue Reading