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Posted by gskoblin | Mar 14, 2011 @ 05:27 PM | 2,317 Views
I bought this heli in the summer 2010, as a second(or even third)-hand model. I've been choosing the electronics for a month and stopped at the following setup:

Motor: Z-Power Z30 1110kV
ESC: CC Phoenix Ice 100 Lite
Battery: Rhino 6S 3700mAh
Cyclic servos: MKS BLS950 (Turnigy)
Tail servo: MKS BLS980 (Turnigy)
Main blades: TIG 550mm
Tail blades: KBDD 84.5mm

The heli flew with this setup pretty well during the summer and autumn. But there was one very annoying thing - the belt. I had to watch the tension after every flight. I had to do something with that.

Then I bought Trex 450 PRO and felt that great number of advantages of torque-tube. So I decided to convert my Hurricane to a TT version.

There are several items you need to buy for this conversion.

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