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Posted by nhaddock | Jul 20, 2013 @ 10:06 PM | 4,614 Views
Just wrapped up the DJI-550 originally was going to put a AMP 2.5 on this but decided to find a Naza to try out. After receiving the Naza-M with GPS I found locating and using instructions to be very cryptic, also after starring at that bright LED for a few hours getting it programmed was very frustrating. Trying to watch what colors were flashing and how many times was just brain damage, nothing like the AMP that allows you to do all the setup in the Mission Planner GUI. After getting it all setup I was impressed with the GPS hold and return home, it pretty much landed right back where it took off.

My next step will be to get an FPV system hooked up and see how it does. I am hoping to be able to use equipment I currently have and not have to purchase any additional items to get it going.

Could not get myself to buy longer legs so I pulled out the box of aluminum and found some pieces long enough and shaped them then covered with carbon fiber wrap. They turned out pretty good and did not add much weight.

Just updated my 550 and installed DJI 2212 920kv motors and DJI 30amp ESC's. seems to fly much smoother. Seems like the Naza does not require as much setup as well. Next test is going to be some aerial photography to see how we'll it works.
Posted by nhaddock | Feb 16, 2013 @ 05:32 PM | 5,224 Views
This is my AR drone Mod. I converted it over to the PX4IOAR and used the PX4FMU Autopilot. This conversion was pretty simple to do and the cost was not that bad, well at least now about 3 months after purchasing everything they put it on sale for almost half price and combined the boards. It took about 4 weekends to get everything modified and running.

So now with the new mod my AR has these capabilities.
PX4 Peripherals
microSD Card
System State Indication
433 MHz / 868 MHz / 900 MHz Long Range / Outdoor
3DR USB Radio
3DR Onboard Radio
RFDesign RFD900
2.4 GHz Short Range / Indoor / Vicon
Lairdtech Proprietary
Roving Networks WiFly UART to WIFI bridge
Digi XBee Proprietary
WIFI Access Points
D-Link DIR-825, Wireless Router, DualBand 300Mbit/s, Gigabit
GPS Modules
3DR u-Blox LEA-6H High-Performance Receiver
FPV Gear
Just to name a few

Below I have added some pictures to show boards and mods.

Well I finally got my smartie parts board and TelemEZ board installed in my 9X and re flashed. Also added the FR-SKY mod and seems to be working well, just need to re-flash my RX and should be ready to go. Going to be nice being able to use the 9X for everything, good low costing TX that you can mod to be better in my opinion than the big names.

More to come.
Posted by nhaddock | Feb 16, 2013 @ 05:25 PM | 6,234 Views
I found this New Bright SkiDoo on my local Craig's list for $20. It was still in original Box and had everything included. I started looking around and found many people who have made mods to these by putting larger electric motors or nitro motors in them. I decided to go with nitro and keep it looking like stock. Here are some photo's of my mods.

I put a Traxxas 2.5 motor in and located it so that it fit under stock hood without cutting holes in it. I also used aluminum and rivited it to the plastic so that I had a solid mount spot for the motor. I also used aluminum for the cross brace that has the stock hood latches and placed a heat shield over the muffler so it would not melt the plastic. I drilled small holes in the black areas of the hood to help get the heat out.

After that I replaced all of the stock lights with small flashlight bulbs to give it a better look, also did the headlights with the flashlight bulbs.

For the ski's I replaced the part that attaches the turning mechanism and goes to ski, I used a round aluminum rod and tapped the ends for #4 hardware. I need to come up with another way to attach the ski's and get rid of those plastic pieces because those will be the first to break. I have made some spares with my 3D printer but I am sure i will go though them fast.

Next up was the front shocks that attach to the plastic piece hooked up by the rails. I put a piece of aluminum one both sides of the shock, where it hits the underside and...Continue Reading