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Posted by gongafa | Nov 18, 2011 @ 06:38 AM | 2,573 Views
Hi all, those of us that use spektrum in carbon gliders have had to pay around £130 for a Spektrum AR9300 DSM2. That is expensive. Now, whith the release of the DSMX technology Spektrum has updated the receiver to the new model AR9310 which costs 170$ and they have drop the price in the USA to 100$ for the AR9300.
Although it has happened in the USA in October 2011, I am still waiting for the price drop in Europe and in the UK.
I have e-mailed Horizon UK but I did not receive any answer.
Have you got information about when it is going to happen? I am considering to buy it from the USA.
I suggest everybody could demand this price drop to Horizon UK, also, the price drop would happen in other receivers.
I will wait till the price drop.
Any comments?
Posted by gongafa | Dec 18, 2010 @ 03:37 PM | 4,093 Views
Hi, recently I bought a second hand Bingo/Pulsar 2.5, but unfortunatelly I found out later that the main spar is broken.

The main spar is clearly broken because there is a misalignment in the spar edge in point A, in both places, upper and lower parts of the carbon fiber. Also, it is evident that the wing was broken in two because in point B there is another misalignment in the balsa wood. It was glued back, but obviously there is no continuity in the carbon fibers. Evidently, it will break again, eventually, in that point.
Posted by gongafa | Nov 09, 2010 @ 09:56 AM | 9,149 Views
Hola a todos, recientemente tuve que reparar el ala de mi velero de material compuesto, fibra de vidrio. Como no encontré mucha información en español a pesar de ser el segundo idioma más hablado del mundo (por detrás del chino, no del inglés). He decidido que voy a poner aquí cómo yo lo reparé.

Ha sido la primera vez que reparo un ala, por lo que no soy un esperto, pero espero que las ideas que usé sirvan para otros.

Considero que lo importante para que quede bien no es tanto la habilidad sino seguir una estrategia adecuada y echar muchas horas de trabajo, reconstruyendo poco a poco el area dañada.

El atestado del accidente relata que al final de un picado vertical de unos 100 metros el borde de ataque pulverizo el extremo del ala de un cularis. El resultado esta en las fotos.
Posted by gongafa | Sep 28, 2010 @ 09:39 AM | 11,280 Views
Hello there.

Searching on the web a good model to start thermal flying in windy conditions, South of England. I have found these two models. But I cannot find any information about them appart of what retailers and manufacturer say, even if I look for in non English websites.

I think they are interesting models since if you order from the make in the almost ready to cover ARC version they cost less than 250 GBP.

Some people around, say that the Diva, Elixir, Thermik are good planes, a little heavy but they are robust.

The Condor and Fascination are slightly lighter.

My first concern if about if the wing will keep the shape and not twist during flight. In case it slightly twist, the effeciency of the model is highly reduced because the distribution of lift changes a lot. For comparison, the modern version of Alpina 4001, a very good similar plane, has carbon fiber reinforcements.

I would to hear from you. Are they valid to learn F3J and thermal flying in windy conditions? Are they going to really go up in normal thermals or just are they going to slod down the sinking rate?