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Posted by Whiskers | Jun 29, 2010 @ 08:24 AM | 6,530 Views
I've been keen on aircraft forever, so when as a young teenager I was offered a job at the Royal Victorian Aero Club it seemed like a good thing to do.
Essendon Airport was within bike riding distance, so I started working at what I thought (at the time) was a most wonderful place to be.
Essendon was then the main Melbourne airport, and various "Airliners" roared off or chirped their tyres on landing in a very satisfying way. The RVAC hangar contained a number of DH Tiger Moths, a Miles Whitney Straight, a Wacket Trainer (not being used) and an exquisite Ryan STM with polished metal body and wheel covers. All the fabric covering, and metal on planes other than the Ryan was silver doped, this being the most durable finish to withstand strong sunlight. The Club colours of 2 dark blue vertical stripes with a central light blue stripe, all of equal width, adorned the rudders and the large VH- registration letters were black. Smart enough in a utilitarian way.
Swinging props to start these planes gave me an insight into how unreliable people can be.
The starting procedure was simple. Wheel chocks had to be in place (no brakes on the TMs) and we'd call, "On, off and closed." The pilot would turn the fuel 'on' make sure the ignition switches were 'off' and set the throttle 'closed' and say, "On, off and closed."
We'd pull the prop through to prime the engine, then call, "Set, contact." The pilot 'set' the throttle and flicked the...Continue Reading
Posted by Whiskers | Jun 25, 2010 @ 08:04 AM | 6,521 Views
A word about my avatar:
While on holiday in Bali one of the local ladies who make a living on the beach providing beauty treatments to tourists, paid me the funniest complement I have ever received. I told her I was too ugly, and it would be a waste of time; and she said, "Oh no! You are very handsome! You have face like Monkey Head God!"
It still makes me laugh.