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Posted by polevaulter | Feb 06, 2011 @ 02:16 PM | 1,840 Views
What does PIT mean on an R/C transmitter? I have a Dynam Recon 6 ch. radio and can't figure it out? Is it servo travel-throw-limiter? Any help appreciated.
Posted by polevaulter | Aug 02, 2010 @ 10:06 PM | 3,341 Views
I know I have posted several comments and a video or two about the apparent goof up by Parkzone and Horizon Hobbies releasing the new 300 with a manufacturing defect. When I got my new plane, I thought , like the T-28 Trojan and the F-4U Corsair, I would get another superb flying aircraft from a top notch company and distributor. Well, putting my 35 years of R/C building and flying experience ahead of me in control line, gas powered, and some BIG aircraft-Byron GEE BEE --I was totally baffled by a simple fact-this extra 300 just wouldn't fly right and it couldn't be the design, it had to be me!
So, after taking a much closer look, and GOOGLE VIDS I agreed that the wings were, indeed flipped. So I added 3% downthrust, flipped the airfoil, set the C.G. on the money, and she flys like a DREAM. Guess what else? I have learned that blaming the Parkzone Co. and Horizon Hobbies was wrong. They didn't put the plane in the box and ship it out--some near sited foreman at the assembly plant in CHINA has got it in for us!
Posted by polevaulter | Mar 23, 2010 @ 07:56 PM | 2,484 Views
Boy! I Thought I'd never go over to the electric side of r/c. I've flown gas planes for 15 years, and thought those little sissy electric powered aircraft were for the birds--till I got a Parkzone Trojan T28 and Corsair for Xmas.
Now I'm hooked and love the "no mess" feature of these beautiful and fun to fly planes. The amazing scale appearance, quick set up, economical cost and reliability is great. And the fact you can mosey over to the nearest schoolyard and have a ball without having to worry about upsetting anyone with the noise produced by an obnoxious 2 stroke engine. All the great features are readily accessable-flaps, retracts, nav lites, and just about any other accessory you can dream up. With technology going like it is, who ever thought you would be able to never worry about having to sit and wait for your frequency to free up so you could fly? Yep! it's a great time to be an R/C enthusiast!