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Posted by gardleopard | Apr 03, 2011 @ 02:04 PM | 4,552 Views
This is the blog post about my Black and Yellow Polaris.

Current setup:
Mystery 2212-6 2200KV motor
6x4 Propeller
Mystery 30A SBEC esc
2x SD50 servos aileron
2x SD90 servos elevator and rudder

I have tested a 2409-12 1600kv motor with a 7x6 apc propeller. Put in a 2212-6 motor instead, because I didn't like the feeling on the 2409-12 motor compared to the 2212-6. I should have tested a 7x4 apc propeller before I changed the motor, but the urge to change motor was bigger than my patience.

This Polaris flies great now after I replaced the elevator piano thread with a bigger one. I had a couple of nose landings because the elevator rod was to weak and flexed. I sanded the nose on this one really nice, but nosed it in the first flight:S

I have a keychain camera on it now, so I can take video from it
Polaris onboard video - Eriksrud 3.4.2011 (9 min 57 sec)
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